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Ancestral Reverence & Connection: An Intimate Journey to your Spiritual Roots

Receive the power of the ancestors to enhance and heal your life at the deepest level.

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For people who want to understand and use the power of their ancestors (their spiritual roots) to enhance & heal their lives at the deepest level.


Ancestral reverence is founded on the belief that when the body dies, the spirit does not. The spirit is viewed as eternal and subject to many incarnations. Those ancestors who have crossed over have only shed their physical bodies but continue to live in the spirit realm. Ancestors are connected to the living by DNA which ties them to their descendants and to future generations.

Ancestral reverence seeks to acknowledge and harness the collective wisdom of those that have gone before in order to heal wounds and gain balance and progress in life. Ancestors work to help us through life’s challenges. They can also help us in our quest for spiritual evolution by acting as spirit guides or tutelary spirits.

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