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Spiritual Coaching - 3 Sessions - 60 min

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In small group session, I seek to inspire and support people on their spiritual journey by assisting them in connecting with their most authentic and sacred soul calling. I work from the premise that everything in life has its spiritual origin. Being out of alignment spiritually is the root cause of most problems be it emotional, physical, mental, or financial. Alignment with your higher self is foundational to spiritual health and wellbeing. You will be able to more easily identify what truly makes you happy and to manifest what it is you want. These sessions will include: -Exploring your concept of a Power greater than yourself -Connect with your Personal Divine Essence -Deal with life issues and relationships from a spiritual perspective -Incorporate spirituality into your decision-making process -Examining your core beliefs and aligning them to support a happier life. -Developing meaningful and personal sacred ritual practices -Improve your sense of ease and calm as you navigate your life -Developing tools to manifest the life you want (mindset, rituals, techniques)

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Spiritual Coaching Group Class - Level 1


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