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Spiritual Life Coaching

Rev. Mignon Grayson

Spiritual Coach & Director

As a spiritual evolutionary coach, I seek to inspire and support people on their spiritual journey by assisting them in connecting with their most authentic and sacred soul calling. I am dedicated to helping those who are in need of spiritual support in life. I work from the premise that everything in life has its spiritual origin. Being out of alignment with spiritually is the root cause of most problems be it emotional, physical or mental. Realignment is foundational to spiritual health and wellbeing.

Spirituality is believing in a source greater than yourself, called by whatever name you feel comfortable — God, Goddess, Great Spirit, Inner Wisdom, Universe, Jesus, Yahweh, Allah, Brahman, Olodumare, Neter, etc. When a person feels disconnected from her/his spiritual self, spiritual coaching aids in strengthening awareness of your ever-constant connection to the Creator. 

Spiritual evolutionary coaching is a process that helps you examine and unpack your current spiritual beliefs to evolve them into new practical beliefs that help you to be more authentic and grounded in the world. Each growth experience supports spiritual evolution, bringing you closer and closer to the Divine.

I incorporate universal spiritual concepts and spiritual practices from indigenous beliefs systems and healing techniques from around the world. I work passionately to be a constant vessel of healing, love and spirituality.

Spiritual Evolutionary Coaching Helps You To:
  • Explore your concept of a Power greater than yourself

  • Deal with life issues and relationships from a spiritual perspective

  • Incorporate spirituality into your decision-making process

  • Examine your core beliefs

  • Develop a meaningful and personal sacred practices

  • Be more present to yourself and others

  • Improve your sense of ease and calm


Spiritual Evolutionary Coaching Sessions Include:
  • Talk Sessions

  • In-home Sacred Space Creation

  • Ancestor Reverence and Alignment

  • Guided Meditations

  • Sound Healing (Drum, Tuning, Voice)


Additional Services:

IN-PERSON / 1 on 1

  • Spiritual Altar Setup

  • Spiritual House Cleaning

  • Ancestral Altar Setup


Special Services:

  • Spiritual White Table Mass (Misa)

  • Spiritual Reading

  • Spiritual Bath Prep


Spiritual Evolutionary Coaching does not replace sound psychological advice and help for those in need of clinical mental health services.