Spirit Oils

This set of 4 Spirit Oils is made from 100% high-grade essential oils. Specially blended to assist in achieving the results stated in the description. They have been consecreted by a lightworker-priestess, activated under a copper pyramid and crystal bath. Annoint yourself or candles or use in a difuser. Can also be added to a spiritual bath. Each dropper bottle is 15 ML.


1. Crown Chakra: Helps to open and align your crown chakra to receive messages from your Higher Mind

2. Ancestor: Helps to put you in a state to receive messages from your ancestors when in a meditative state

3. Third Eye Chakra: Helps to open and align your third eye chakra to be able to have visions or gain insight.

4. Divine Meditation: Helps to relax and deepen your meditative state

Sacred Mysteries Spirit Oils Set

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