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Rev. Mignon Grayson

Multi-Spiritual & Indigenous Faith Minister, Ancestor Medium, and Master Manifestor

Mignon Grayson is the Founder of Sacred Mysteries World Wide and an ordained Multi-faith & Indigenous Faith Minister of One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in New York City. She chose this path due to her calling to serve people of all faiths and religious practices. Mignon recognizes that there is a common link to the Divine Creator within all spiritual and religious traditions.

Mignon heard the call of Spirit at an early age. She began to explore the different spiritual practices of Africa, Native America and East Indian cultures. Her curiosity of the Divine in its various expressions lead her to study ancient Egyptian religion as her first introduction to African spirituality. Later, Mignon was drawn to other African religions where she became a devotee of the IFA tradition of Nigeria and initiated as a Yayi in Palo Mayombe rooted in the Congo tradition.

Through her many 35+ years of being an aborisha (devotee) of the IFA tradition and her initiation into Palo Mayombe as a Yayi in 2005, Mignon has learned the deep importance of the ancestors and their connection to our daily life and our spiritual evolution. This is a theme throughout most ancient cultures. Mignon’s particular focus is to bring the wisdom of ancient spiritual traditions from across the world to the masses through Sacred Mysteries World Wide and to honor the Divine Feminine through her work with women and girls in discovering and unleashing their personal divine power.

As a spiritual evolutionary coach, Mignon seeks to inspire and support people on their spiritual journey by assisting them in connecting with their most authentic and sacred soul calling, As a sound healer, Mignon uses the vibrational energies of her unique vocal sound to bring about healing by energy recalibration.

Mignon has also authored three books on The Art of Manifestation available on Amazon and a book on Ancestor reverence.

Mignon works passionately to be a constant vessel of healing, love and spirituality.

Link to Amazon Author page:

"Awakening is the shedding off what you are not so you could develop your own ability to discern truth from untruth with your own inner divine wisdom."

World Wide

Sacred Mysteries

Image by Sarah Brown

We are company that is a movement.

We believe it is humankind's destiny to evolve into spiritually elevated beings ushering in an era of sustainable peace and harmony. Our platform assists this evolution through providing classes in spirituality and healing modalities from the world's wisdom traditions, from Africa, Asia, South America, North America, Polynesia, Hawaii, and more. Our particular emphasis is on the ancient spiritual practices of the indigenous people existing since ancient times.

Sacred Mysteries World Wide is for those who are willing to recognize their personal power and spiritual responsibility and are ready to take the next step. We are change agents, working to effect evolutionary positive global change in service to the Divine and our local and world communities.

Join our facebook group, Sacred Mysteries Circle of Ancient Wisdom, for discussions on all things sacred and healing.

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