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Ancestor Reverence

Ancestor reverence is an ancient cultural observation that is in many cultures across the world. In traditional societies, ancestors are venerated and considered sources of wisdom.


Connecting to and honoring the Ancestors completes our experience of life by building a bridge between the physical and the spiritual realms. It broadens our awareness of the life we have by realizing we have the love and support of those who have come before us and made the way for us to be here now. Ancestors are not gone. They are within us and can be accessed for personal healing. 


The Ancestors’ continued guidance through the veil of death, is evidence of the endless circle of love that exists for each and every one of us.

Dry Sticks

In exploring and honoring our ancestral legacy, we can begin to understand family dynamics, patterns, and characteristics. We can also begin to recognize motivations for choices and changes in family location, education, and vocation and the inheritance of natural gifts and affinities. All these dynamics helped to shape a familial identity that passes down through the family line. Honoring of Ancestors helps in our personal and spiritual growth and supports our success in life.