Honoring the Ancient Practices in a Modern Way

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About Sacred MysteriesWorld Wide

We are company that is a movement.

We believe it is humankind's destiny to evolve into spiritually elevated beings ushering in an era of sustainable peace and harmony. Our platform assists this evolution through providing classes in spirituality and healing modalities from the world's wisdom traditions, from Africa, Asia, South America, North America, Polynesia, Hawaii, and more. Our particular emphasis is on the ancient spiritual practices of the indigenous people existing since ancient times.

Sacred Mysteries World Wide is for those who are willing to recognize their personal power and spiritual responsibility and are ready to take the next step. We are change agents, working to effect evolutionary positive global change in service to the Divine and our local and world communities.

Join our facebook group, Sacred Mysteries Circle of Ancient Wisdom, for discussions on all things sacred and healing.

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Classes and Events

Medition for the Absolute Beginner


Simple, easy and straightforward class on starting a meditation practice that suits your needs. This class give basic easy to grasp instruction and insight into meditation and the ways in which it can be implemented in your life.

Meditation is an invaluable tool that is key to grasping deeper levels of understanding AND more mundanely, helps us witness and get to know how our mind works. Through this course you will gain understanding and tools in how meditation helps to develops mastery over emotions and mental activity. When you have mastery over your mental activities and emotions you can more effectively manifest a life you desire and dream about. Meditation is important to relieving stress and is scientifically proven to increase the grey matter in our brain which governs everyday functions. This part of our brain diminishes with age. Meditation can help halt and recover it. Most importantly, meditation is a proven tool to a happier and healthier life.

Sacred Mysteries Energetic Healing Circle


Ancient healing techniques for spiritual balance and rejuvenation.

Circle Co-Directors: Amy Fabrikant and Mignon Grayson

In this Circle we focus on healing spiritual & emotional trauma, specifically inherited from family experiences, as well as directly -- especially as it relates to ancestral inheritance. Chakra alignment, ancestral meditation techniques, shamanic drumming and sound healing are some of the modalities that are used during the Circle. Family Constellations modality and ancestral reverence and connection are also used.

Amy Fabrikant


Rev. Mignon Grayson


Ancestral Reverence & Connection: An Intimate Journey to your Spiritual Roots


For people who want to understand and use the power of their ancestors (their spiritual roots) to enhance & heal their lives at the deepest level.


Ancestral reverence is founded on the belief that when the body dies, the spirit does not. The spirit is viewed as eternal and subject to many incarnations. Those ancestors who have crossed over have only shed their physical bodies but continue to live in the spirit realm. Ancestors are connected to the living by DNA which ties them to their descendants and to future generations.

Ancestral reverence seeks to acknowledge and harness the collective wisdom of those that have gone before in order to heal wounds and gain balance and progress in life. Ancestors work to help us through life’s challenges. They can also help us in our quest for spiritual evolution by acting as spirit guides or tutelary spirits.

Beginning on a Spiritual Path: Tools & Fundamentals to Start Your Journey


Our world today is flooded with many different pathways and religious doctrines. What is ever important is to formulate your own foudational approach to spirituality. Through that approach, you will be able to connect with the spiritual practices that truly resonate with your core beliefs. 

There are fundamental principals and practices that are translatable across any religious and spiritual tradition that will help ground you in your spiritual foundation. 

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