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Divine Feminine & The Ancestral Mothers

The Divine Feminine is reawakening across the entire planet. This has been going on for some time now. She is known by many names – Iyami Osorongo, Iya N’la, Kali-Ma, Nana Buluku, Nut, Mut, Primordial Mother, Awon Iya Wa, The Goddess and so on…


The Divine Feminine Mother is the womb of all creation. She is the life force energy. With this awakening is the awakening of Feminine Power in a newer and more profound way to fit the needs of this time. As this feminine power awakens, it awakens within women who have chosen to embrace their highest spiritual destinies. She is also awakening and anointing within her Sons who honor, respect and love Her and her daughters (women.)

"Iya N'La who descends at night.

Iya N'La who descends at day.

Iya N'La, the Mother of all,

let us live gently in this world."

-by Iyalaja Ileana Alcamo-

Iya N'La (Odu) - The Great Mother of the Divinities (Yoruba)

Iya N'la / Odu is the first and original Mother in the Yoruba spiritual tradition. She is the Great Mystery of Existence and Creation. She is ascendancy. She possesses absolute dominion over humankind, divinities (orisha, etc.), and the spiritual realm. She is our primordial, spiritual and biological Mother. Iya N'La can diversify herself into many manifestations or dimensions. Her power is immense and unfathomable. She can use it to bless or to correct through extreme adversity such as natural disasters. The creation of humankind and the natural forces came through her. She is life. She is death.

The survival and thriving of the world, humankind and Mother Earth is tied to the embodiment of the energy and principles of the Great Mother. We must intentionally awaken Her within our spirits, psyches and bodies to fully understand Her. This Divine Mother awakening will allow true healing and restoration to become manifest in ourselves, our homes, societies, cities, states, countries and planet. The way to this healed state and realization is unique to each person, clan and culture. There is no one or absolute way to awaken and embrace Iya N'La. Looking to our Elder Mothers who hold the memory and experience passed down through the ages is an important part of this pathway. There are ceremonial processes already established across the world passed down in ancient societies that have retained the information and the sacred rites to align with Her. There are Elder Mothers and Clan Mothers known by many different names in different cultures around the world already doing the work. There are also those who are predestined to be her Oracles and Priestesses. Through divination and/or personal awakening will be called to do this work. These Oracles and Priestesses will be integral in emulating and spreading Her teachings and healing to the masses. What is important is to not carry over the current staunch patriarchal approach life into this awakening of Iya N'La. Feminine energy is not staunch or rigid. Feminine energy is not governed or ruled. Feminine Energy not confining. That mindset will block the ability to be close to Her and receive her divine teachings. However, She does have her way of encouraging the breakthrough needed to find a pathway to Her.

The Divine Mother, women and femininity are to be revered and respected. The malalignment with the Divine Feminine and mistreatment of women are at the core of the ills of this world. When the time comes where women and feminine qualities are restored to their appropriate place within the world matrix, we can begin to realize lasting healing and restoration of Mother Earth.

The importance of how women are treated is mentioned in the Holy Ifa texts:

The orisha Obatala, king of the white cloth, is the eldest of all orisha decreed from the sacred Ifa text Osa Meji: "Every week, everybody must give thanks to women for the world to be peaceful; bend your knee for women. For women brought you into this world. Women are the wisdom of the Earth [and the Universe.] Women have brought us into this world. Have respect for women.

--From the book "Iya N'La: The Source Primordial Yoruba Mother," by Iyalaja Ileana Alcamo

We all know that peace is desparately needed in the world. It is the absence of the dominant energy of the Great Mother, Iya N'la, with in us and the world, as well as, the heavy dependence on patriarchal structure and expression that has this world spinning on the edge of destruction.

Iyalaja Ileana Alcamo goes on to further state in her book:

"Iya N'la are united to all women by the flow of blood who gives life, the one who embodies the concept of existence, a female quality that Man must understand and emulate in order to survive."

Note; the "flow of blood" is not only physical but also energetic.

Women are connected through the spiritual and physical womb and life blood flow. This connection cannot be broken. However, it has been fractionated over centuries resulting in feeling removed from each other and/or indifferent. Patriarchy has also been instrumental in pitting us against one another in senseless competition. When women embrace that women are the collective source of life and creation, the trap of competitive loses its power and falls away. The resurgence of the awareness of Iya N'La is calling women together across communities worldwide to meet at the sacred temple within to meet at the altar of Women's Divine Mysteries.

The Sacred Masculine in His highest form is balanced and supportive of the Divine Feminine. The Sacred Masculine allowed patriarchy to lead in how men and the world operate. The effect it has had is both progressive and eventually destructive as the Sacred Masculine devolved into a lower expression of patriarchy bringing its lower form to lead in homes, communities, temples/churches, societies and countries,. He has had his time to dominate, influence, and express himself through the world. Now, it time for a change. Now it is time for The Great Mother / Divine Feminine to emerge to the forefront and bring balance.

Ancient Ancestral Mothers

There are two classifications of The Ancestral Mothers according to the Yoruba. The first are the Primordial Mothers who were the first beings created by the Divine/Olodumare. They were born into existence through Iya N'La (Odu,) the celestial womb of creation. They are known as Iyamis and Awon Iya Wa. They were not born from an earthly womb. These Primordial Ancestral Mothers, Iyamis walked the earth in very ancient times. They are known by many names. Some recognizable such as the orisha Oshun, Oya, Yemoja, and Olokun. At some point they ascended to reside mostly in the Celestial Abode but also left a bit of their essence in aspects of nature. Since their ascension, the way we have reached them is through sacred rites an rituals that have been observed through various African spiritual traditions for eons, as well as other ancient societies.

Then there are the Ancient Ancestral Mothers from our lineage, our bloodline, who date back to the first Ancestors. These Ancient Ancestral Mothers are our link to the ancient days and ways. Our link to ancient wisdom. They were also very powerful and learned directly from the Primordial Mothers. Some have ascended to status of a divinity; some are existing powerfully as Ancient Ancestors residing in the Ancestral Abode.


Your Ancient Mothers, the daughters of the Divine Celestial Mothers, were keepers of the magic, mysteries and medicine. They were the protectors, healers, and prophetesses of the clan, the people. Our Ancient Ancestral Mothers were aligned with divine right and divine light. Anointed by the Divine Mother Creator herself.


The Ancient Ancestral mothers of our lineages have access to the ancient wisdom that was lost or forgotten. Now, it is the time for our awakening to this ancient knowing. We are their daughters and sons. They walk with us. We can connect to them for insight, guidance, healing, and comfort. Women are the embodiment of the Great Mother and the Ancestral Mothers. Through honoring women's spiritual nature and women who are currently incarnated on Earth, we can harness Her energy. As women, honoring our womanhood and learning the fullness of who she is within us is important in activating her essence more fully.


As women who are walking a spiritual path in whatever way we are doing it, whether it is for ourselves, for our families, communities and/or for the world, are already standing in our power and indulging in ways to heal and access the ancient wisdom. Connecting with our Ancient Ancestral Mothers is a step that is easy to begin to access Iya N'la's and the Ancestral Mothers' realm of existence and to be the embodiment of feminine power and healing. We are the key. We are the altar. Begin within.


The Importance of Connecting with Family Ancient Ancestral Mothers.

Connecting with our Ancestral Mothers regularly will help fortify our spiritual walk. We will be opened to and rooted in their Divine wisdom which deepens our psychic awareness, allowing for us to discern true messages from our emotions or ego…. to intuit and prophesize with accuracy.  If we are healers, The Mothers will support our healing work in the world. The Mothers bring grounding and strengthening. But most importantly they surround us with their love, guidance and protection.


Ancestral veneration is one of the first ways to honor and connect with our Ancient Ancestral Mothers. If you already have an ancestral shrine you can begin by spending time at the shrine and calling on them specifically. You can also setup an additional shrine devoted to your collective Ancestral Mothers and use it as a way to connect directly.


Meditation and prayer are powerful tools to connect. Contemplate on the virturesand qualities of the Ancestral Mothers regularly. This will prepare you to receive their insights. Also, before you go to bed, you can ask them to send messages through your dreams. The dream time is a powerful place of connection for them.


Honor The Ancestral Mothers by honoring yourself, honoring your womanhood,

Honoring your body,

Honoring your physical womb,

Honoring your spiritual womb

Put your healing first,

Put your pleasure first,

Put your rest first,

Put your spirit first,

Put your mind first,

Put your comfort first,

Put your emotions first,

Put time for yourself first.


By doing this you will be in harmony with the Ways of The Mothers and will always be ready to receive their messages and be their vessel of healing for self, family and community depending on your life walk. Your Ancient Ancestral Mothers are ready to receive you whenever you are ready to receive them.

Below is a prayer that you can use in your spiritual practice.

Great Mother Spirit Prayer

Great Mother Spirit,

Bless you for the gifts of birth and creation,

For your soft and healing touch

And the protective circle of your embrace.

I pray for your guidance.

Show me the path to right action.

Help me find the words to

Gently teach and encourage.

Help me remember the lessons

I’ve learned from my mother

And all the mothers I’ve known.

Help me discern which lessons I should pass on

And which I should change or let fall away.

Remind me, please,

Of the fierce beauty

And primal responsibility

Involved in what I do.

My song holds all the voices that have come before,

And it will echo forward in kind.

Mother, Please,

Help me sing true.

Ashe. Amen. So mote it be.

by Travis Bowman

With divine blessings,

Rev. Mignon


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These letter is to all the matriarch who created the passage of the ancestral leniage which I followed till my existence here on Mother Earth , I Mboune the buffalo 🦬 who came from that part of the universe fool of mountain and raining ,which ADN is found within the elements of the universe , I am great full for the love ,for the wisdom , the awakening ,the strength, the time , the birth destiny and death

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