Boveda: Gateway to your Spirit Guides

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

A Boveda table is a spiritual altar setup in your home for the purpose of developing the ability to connect to Spirit and your spirit guides and to develop intuition. This particular style is from European spiritism of the early 1900s. A basic setup of the altar consists of glasses of water (either 1, 3, 7 or 9) placed in a circle with the largest glass in the center, a white table cloth, crucifix or other spiritual representation (i.e. Ankh), white candle, flowers and any other objects that represent a person's spirituality.

This space becomes supercharged with energy. It creates a portal, a sacred place to meditate, contemplate and pray and to connect with your spirit guides and elevated ancestors.There are many variations based on personal preferences. It is a creative and intuitive process.

This became a very popular component in the African Diasporic traditions known as Santeria, Lucumi and Candomble. as a tool for personal spiritual development and the development of mediumship.

July 2019

The above picture depicts a Boveda setup with a total of 9 glasses. Other setups include 7 glasses total. The 9 represents the ancestors, those who have crossed over that are our guardians / spirit guide. Seven is is known as a deeply spiritual number so it is also used in the Boveda setup.

Diagram depicting suggested association of each glass on the Boveda altar. You can use your own designation.

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