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Honoring the Ancient Practices in a Modern Way

Embrace Your Spiritual Evolution with Mignon Grayson

About Sacred Mysteries

World Wide 

We believe it is humankind's destiny to evolve into spiritually elevated beings ushering in an era of sustainable peace and harmony. Our platform assists this evolution through providing classes in spirituality and healing modalities from the world's wisdom traditions, from Africa, Asia, South America, North America, Polynesia, Hawaii, and more. Our particular emphasis is on the ancient spiritual practices of the indigenous people existing since ancient times.

Sacred Mysteries World Wide is for those who are willing to recognize their personal power and spiritual responsibility and are ready to take the next step. We are change agents, working to effect evolutionary positive global change in service to the Divine and our local and world communities.

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About Mignon Grayson

Interfaith Minister, Ancestor Medium, and Master Manifestor

Mignon Grayson is the Founder of Sacred Mysteries World Wide and an ordained Interfaith, Interspiritual & Indigenous Faith Minister of One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in New York City. She chose this path due to her calling to serve people of all faiths and religious practices. Mignon recognizes that there is a common link to the Divine Creator within all spiritual and religious traditions.​

Through her many 35+ years of being a devotee of the IFA tradition and her initiation into Palo Mayombe in 2005, Mignon has learned the deep importance of the ancestors and their connection to our daily life and our spiritual evolution. This is a theme throughout most ancient cultures. Mignon’s particular focus is to bring the wisdom of ancient spiritual traditions from across the world to the masses through Sacred Mysteries World Wide and to honor the Divine Feminine through her work with women and girls in discovering and unleashing their personal divine power.

As a spiritual evolutionary coach, Mignon seeks to inspire and support people on their spiritual journey by assisting them in connecting with their most authentic and sacred soul calling, As a sound healer, Mignon uses the vibrational energies of her unique vocal sound to bring about healing by energy recalibration. Mignon works passionately to be a constant vessel of healing, love and spirituality.

What I Specialize In

Ancestor Reverence

Sound Healing

Manifestation and Alchemy

Honoring Indigenous 


Spiritual Growth and Evolution

The Art of Manifestation Book Series

The Art of Manifestation

Simple Energy Techniques to Create the Abundant Life You Deserve

Do you have a sense of knowing that you have within you the ability to make changes, but not exactly sure how? The goal of “The Art of Manifestation: Simple Techniques to Creating the Abundant Life You Deserve,” is to present to the reader various manifestation tools that can be used successfully to bring wealth and prosperity. I used them and was able to increase my finances by over $500,000 within a year as passive income. I want to share what I not only learned, but succeeded at doing. The methods are simple for anyone to use whether you're a newbie or someone more experienced...

The Work of Manifestation

Rituals, Crystals, Herbs Oils & Baths to Create the Life You Deserve

After teaching the basics of manifestation in the first book, Book 2 of the Art of Manifestation Series takes you deeper into the spiritual practices that harness the energy of the elements and your personal energy for manifesting your desires. The reader is given powerful rituals, a dynamic self-guided meditation to reprogram your mind to attract your desires, spiritual baths using herbs and a recipe for an anointing oil. There is step-by-step guidance on 8 powerful rituals and a list of the Archangels to call on who can assist in manifesting...

The Words of Manifestation

Prayers, Psalms, Affirmations, Mantras & Incantations to Create A Life of Abundance

Words are powerful. Language is a tool of delivery. Learning to use this readily available tool will be one of the most empowering educations you can receive in the realm of manifestation. Many ancient spiritual texts detail how the universe came into being by the Word spoken by God the Creator. Everything is vibration. Sound is vibration. Words are finely tuned and specific vibrations. The goal of this book is to emphasize the importance of the spoken word in manifesting the life you want...

“This book is phenomenal. It reminds you that we manifest things into our life daily, but often times are unaware. I love the energy I got while reading this book. My energy vibrations went way up. Thank you for sharing your story”

- Tabitha

“I quickly achieved a positive result with a salary negotiation. I scrapped all apprehension and prejudgment allowed a positive manifest energy to bring a fantastic result. My projects are moving well. People who I've helped get started in various businesses and who achieved great success have come to my aid…suddenly I have amazing people giving me amazing help. All of my projects are [moving forward more successfully].” 

- Olivia Green

REAT STUFF SO FAR! Really great tools to apply and communicated in an accessible way!

- Jude A

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