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Meditation for the Absolute Beginner - 3 Part Series

Simple, easy and straightforward class on starting a meditation practice that suits your needs. This class give basic easy to grasp instruction and insight into meditation and the ways in which it can be implemented in your life.

Meditating on the Beach

Meditation is an invaluable tool that is key to grasping deeper levels of understanding of yourself and your purpose AND more mundanely, helps us witness and get to know how our mind works. Through this course you will gain understanding and tools in how meditation helps to develops mastery over emotions and mental activity. When you have mastery over your mental activities and emotions you can more effectively manifest a life you desire and dream about. Meditation is important to relieving stress and is scientifically proven to increase the grey matter in our brain which governs everyday functions. This part of our brain diminishes with age. Meditation can help halt and recover it. Most importantly, meditation is a proven tool to a happier and healthier life.

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