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The True Power of the Period

By Tehja Avanni Grayson Fagains

We all know about the dreadful menstrual cycle. You’re constantly bleeding from one of the most sensitive and THE most sacred part of your body, you crave everything that isn’t remotely in the same planet of your precise diet plan, and you cry about the puppy you didn’t get as a kid in the middle of work.

Even though the menstrual cycle can throw a monkey wrench in your plans and seem like the worst thing that ever exists, it is one of the most spiritual and powerful times in your life, and luckily for you, it happens once a month.

Lucky? How is all of this lucky?

Let me tell you a little something.

If you think about your menstrual cycle scientifically, your period is when your body releases all of the nutrients and tissue that has been built up over 22 to 29 days to prepare for a baby. Since your eggs didn’t get fertilized that month, the body has no need for all of the nutrients and tissue that you’ve built up so it releases all of it. That process is called your menstrual cycle.

So essentially the body releases what it no longer needs.

Spiritually, you’re doing the same thing during your menstrual cycle.

BOOM. You didn’t expect that now did you?

During your period, you may find yourself extremely sensitive and emotional. Now not everyone feels this way, but it is common. If you’re not sensitive and emotional during your period, then maybe situations or memories, or anything from your past or recent past may come up again for you… like the puppy, and you may reflect on it and then let it pass.

Your period is a period (no pun intended) of reflection and release. We all go through it. You may recount things that happened to you in the past and reflect on it or heavily ball your eyes out like I do. Even though some things may seem painful to bring back up and almost relive, it’s brought back to your awareness again, so you can release it.

The universe has brought it to your attention, so you can let it go and heal from it, and during your period is the best time to do it. Not only because it’s the time to take a pause from your everyday life in some form or fashion, but also because it’s the time when you feel most connected to the Divine Feminine and she is the most healing force in existence.

So how do you release the things you need to release so you can move on?

You can either:

- Journal about it

- Write about it and burn it

- Write about it and bury it

- If there’s a person involved in your situation, talk to them about it.

- Pray to Spirit to help you release your situation

- Cry

Even though your period may seem horrible or just inconvenient, it happens for a reason and you can benefit from it.

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