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Connecting with Your Spirit Guide

We are all born with spirit guides that have dedicated themselves to helping us during our lifetime. You also can attract additional Guides depending on how your growth and develop proceeds and the needs of your evolution become apparent for additional assistance. Your guides assist you all the time whether you are aware of it or not. You can incorporate practices which help develop and strengthen your connection and ability to sense them and communicate.


There are many, many ways that you can develop your relationships with your guides. This article only covers one specific way. Everyone is different. There is no “one size fits all” method. Becoming in tune with yourself spiritually help to make you aware of what “takes you to that spiritual place,” is very key. Through trying various methods, you can identify what works for you. What I have found is that the methods that work the best will be closely associated with where your psychic abilities are strongest. This can be found in becoming familiar with the “Claires.”


The Claires



“Clear hearing,” perceiving sounds, words, and noises that others cannot.



“Clear tasting,” perceiving essence of something through taste.



“Clear feeling,” feeling messages with the whole body, without it being a physical experience.



“Clear emotion,” sensing emotional energies in the surrounding areas or distant areas focused upon.



"Clear touching,” aka psychometry; sensing and receiving messages, images, etc. through touching/holding objects, people or animals.



“Clear smell,” smelling aromas that are not physically present. It can be food, perfume, or any substance or people that emit aromas/smells.



“Clear seeing,” seeing images, colors, light, movement, flashes of scenes/pictures that brings through information. Also known as “sixth sense.”



“Clear knowing,” knowing of information without logical explanation or fore knowledge of any kind. It’s beyond seeing it. There is a distinct “knowing” that comes in with strength and conviction.




Most people are very strong with one or more of the Clairs, but can also have abilities in the others. People usually have a combination of different ones. It will help you to identify where your Claires are the strongest and utilize those in communicating with your guides. Also, you can work to strengthen any of these abilities that you have an less of an affinity towards if you choose. You’re not stuck in one or the other. You can always expand. But it’s best to work with what comes naturally first and foremost.


Meditation Method to Communicate with Your Spirit Guide


Set your intent to contact your spirit guide. Be confident that this is your natural right. Begin to recognize and use external things that put you into a calm place, a semi-trance.


It can be as simple as a particular type of music, a scarf or piece of clothing that you hold or wear, blowing tobacco/cigar smoke, lighting incense, splashing Florida Water on or around the room, or spraying a perfume or infusing an essential oil, or surrounding yourself with crystals or other sacred objects. Things that take you from being in an ordinary state, to an extraordinary state or altered state will do well for the type of connection you want to make. It is important to be in a state that is just beyond the physical. Meditation is one form. Sometimes just sitting quietly in a dimly lit room with a candle is another. Sitting in nature is also an ideal place. Keep it simple. Water is known for its ability to be a receiver, cleanser, and refresher of the spiritual body. You can have a glass near you or next to the lit candle. Usually a white candle is good to start out with. Have a journal and pen/pencil nearby to record information or insights that may come.


Sit in a place where you are comfortable and will not be disturbed. Before you start, cleanse your area with your favorite cleansing materials. If you like, do a prayer to ask for spiritual support and protection as you make contact with your spirit guide. Get comfortable. Get silent. Turn within. When the moment seems right, inwardly, call in your spirit guide. Start to open up your awareness of their presence.  Be patient and relax. You may see them, feel their presence, hear them communicating, or somehow just know they are there. As spirit guide presence is felt, acknowledge and greet your spirit guide. Allow yourself to receive a greeting back from your spirit guide.


Breathe deeply and slowly and just be in their presence. Without speaking, ask your spirit guide if they have a message for you.  You can also ask their name and their overall and/or specific purpose. Be still and allow yourself to receive their spiritual communication. Just be...and listen.


After a few minutes, or when the meeting feels complete, thank your spirit guide for showing up. You can bring your palms together in front of your heart. Finish by saying, "Thank you for all your support in life. Allow your attention to come back into yourself. Let go of focusing on your spirit guide.


Notice how you feel after doing this meditation/session. Take a few deep breaths and, when you feel ready, open your eyes...

Something to also note is please do not be dismissive of messages that come that seem frivolous or not important. Sometimes messages come in pieces or in stages. Be certain retain or records all of your experience. It could something as simple as a color, a random word, a thought or a phrase... messages from spirit sometimes need to be decoded. 

Give yourself some time to process this experience before moving on to other activities. You may want to journal, go for a quiet walk, or meditate with a focus just on yourself.


Keep in touch for our upcoming release of “Spirit Guide” guided meditation that will assist in your becoming more in touch and in tune with the Guides that are responsible for supporting your life journey. You can do this by going the “Sacre Mysteries YouTube Channel” and becoming a subscriber. LINK:


Doing something like this regularly and often will support the strength of your connection to your Spirit Guide. Over time, you will start identifying more and more ways to incorporate in your practices that are unique to you and your Guides that bring them very close and quickly whenever needed.


With divine blessings,


Rev. Mignon



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I appreciate the words of wisdom, but think I need reassurance that this piece wasn't composed by an app. I just didn't feel the personal Spirit of Rev. Mignon or her unique way of communication and teaching. I've been experimenting with GPT CHAT and this sounds like it.

Replying to

Reassurance received. Please see my personal response to Barbara's comment.

With divine blessings,

Rev. Mignon


A quick scan says, "This is so good and helpful. Return and read me in-depth! With gratitude, I am and I shall.

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