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Pompa Gira: Spirit of the Power of Sexuality - Sugar & Spice Ain't Always Nice

I will be writing about various female divinities from different traditions. I start with one that is from Brazilian Candomble. The reason is we usually start anything important in the ATRs with honoring Esu, Exu. She is known as the female representation of Exu or his wife, Pompa Gira is her name. May her essence bring joy, sensuality, abundance of pleasure and wealth in all forms. May she teach us to truly value our womanhood and know our divinity.

----- Pomba Gira Also known as: Exua (Pronounced: Eh-shooah or Esh-wah)

The Sacred & Divine Prostitute (owning her power & her value) Question: Where do we offer ourselves our talents for less than we are worth? When do we stand in our power and strength of who we are without negotiation? There are somethings up for negotiation. Our self-worth and value are not.

In this time of patriarchy, the reclamation of female empowerment and sexual rights is essential in achieving sustainable gender equality. The Divine Feminine reawakening is upon us. She is not asking for a seat and the table beside the Divine Masculine. She is assuming her rightful place. She has been missed. Her return is overdue, but also right on time. ----- She is a goddess of power, eroticism, death, and vengeance. She has dominion over sex for pleasure and power, not procreation. (That said, she can bestow fertility when and if she desires.) Pomba Gira is an oracular spirit who can reveal the past and future, but she can be a brutally plain-spoken truth-teller. Don’t ask her for information unless you are ready to hear unvarnished truths. She is the spouse of Exu and where she stands for female sexuality and strength, Exu represents the male machismo, virility, sexuality and power. She is the lady of crossroads and street lights. She is a protector of women. She is the owner of communication. An Afro-Brazilian spirit, Pomba Gira derives from the intersection of Iberian, Gitano, and Central African roots. Pomba Gira is the crossroad where these traditions meet.

Things Pompa Gira likes: Food: honey, flour, palm oil Drink: anisette or champagne Color: red and black Place: female crossroads Scent:Red roses, cigarillos Time: Midnight Day: Monday or Friday Container: metal or clay vase


For more information on how to develop a relationship with this beautiful Divine Feminine spirit, I've provided a link below. DISCLAIMER: I do not know the author. I merely did research. I would like to point out that I do not like the phrase "working with..." in regards to these powerful Beings. You are building a relationship and aligning your energy to hers. You are also awakening her energy within you to empower you. When you are aligned with the divinities, they listen to your requests and see where you need assistance. This is not a work place environment when you are on the same energetic level and are "working with." The divinities are powers that are to be respected and rightly honored. With that being said, the link below gives some information to connect with PompaGira, ask for favors and honor her energy. Another important note: Nothing replaces the experience of an elder in the tradition of Candomble and how to properly pay homage to the spirits. This article asks as a baby step. It is best to gain more knowledge and assistance from experienced and reputable Priestesses.

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