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Divine Mother Sends A Message

We, as a Global Community, have been through an intense several months of tumultuous change; the impact of which we are still in the midst of feeling and recovering. This change is shifting the very foundation upon which our lives are founded. We’ve had to make our homes a sanctuary of safety, striving to maintain peace, and to maintain sanity. Having our health and lives threatened by the Coronavirus has taken its toll. Being ordered by government to stay in marks an unprecedented shift in how we interact with our communities. We have exhausted ourselves with discovering and implementing measures to keep our health intact as this potentially lethal virus looms over us. It will be a while before we will be able to determine where this shift is taking us and where we will land because of it.  The pandemic happened and continues to happen. It shut the world down in such a way we had no other choice but to pause and try to understand what it all means. In my reflection on the last few months of 2019 through to now, there were spiritual signs leading up to all of this. An incoming great shift. 2020 year of clarity. Energetically Mother Earth is rebalancing in order to mitigate the unending human viral attack waged against her in almost every space and place across the planet. This rebalancing is shaking up the entire world. It is in step with the re-emergence of the Divine Feminine, Mother God of all Creation. Her awakening has been intensifying. The Divine Mother is responding the dire need for healing and balance and for justice and truth on this planet. 

Ancient Feminine Mysteries lie dormant or barely awakened in the collective conscious of humankind. The awakening of the higher human conscious requires the balancing of the Divine masculine and feminine to be actualized within us and in the world. The year of 2020 in the spiritual community was highly anticipated to be a great year of clarity supporting us in unleashing our highest potential to experience joy and fulfillment in every area of our lives. If you’re like me, I envisioned gently moving into fulfillment and joy. I envisioned smooth awakenings with lights and stars and well… you know the fairytale stuff. But, Honey! Mama was not having it. She came to shaken us to awaken us. This is a clearing to prepare the way of a great spiritual awakening. It isn’t pretty, but it is necessary. We often forget how we fit into nature. We believe we are the ones who have been delegated sovereignty over all of the earth. We are reminded that we are only as powerful as we are aligned with nature, higher consciousness, and the Divine Mother and Divine Father. This is beyond religion and encompasses us all, unifies all. It’s up to us if we are willing to embrace a change that will move us into authentic awakening to our interconnectivity.  The ongoing shifts will affect us personally, emotionally, physically, socially, politically and spiritually. This is the way into a future which functions through interconnectedness over individuality, compassion over fear, love over hate, joy and passion over needless suffering, evolution over stagnation, authenticity over spuriousness, fulfillment over desperation. But, it is up to us to recognize and choose a better way. The top-down authoritarian patriarchal way of expression in the world is being challenged with the incoming wave of a circumspect, inclusionary and heart-centered way of expression through the emergence of the Divine Mother God. Change is not always welcomed. People will cling to what is most familiar, hesitant to embrace the lesser-known, even if it is what our soul has been yearning. The era of massive change has come whether we are ready, welcome it, or not. The Great Mother has an eternity of patience for us to meet her at that place within us at the point of awakening.

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