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Empaths: How to Protect Your Energy

More so than ever, Empaths are experiencing extreme overload. Whether it is because of all of the emotions and energies related to the pandemic, the life taking by police officers, protests, politics, being shut-in for so long... it has just been too much. It was too much before this unprecedented time of adversity and great changes. Now, for many, especially empaths, it is extreme overwhelm.

Knowing the type of empath you are is very helpful. You can then design how you prepare and setup your protections. The categories of Empaths are: Physical, Emotional, Intuitive, Telepathic, Precognitive, Dream, Mediumship, Plant, Earth, Animal. The most common Empaths are the Emotional, Physical and Intuitive. A link to the descriptions is provided below.

When I was a child, I was very sensitive. I felt things all the time. I felt people's words when they spoke. I felt people's energy. When people looked at me it felt like I was being hit by invisible pillows. It didn't hurt, but their gaze came at me so fast and often. I didn't like people looking at me so I shied away from them. Every time I was around people I felt as if I was being bombarded by all types of things all at once. My father had a deep rumbling voice when he spoke. As early as I can remember, whenever he talked I would start to cry. It felt as if my whole body was trembling. I couldn't communicate what I felt at that time. I know it didn't make him feel good when that happened. He was just being his natural self and his baby girl cried almost every time.

As I began to grow up these feelings lessened some, but didn't go away completely. I learned to manage what I felt so I could function and be out and around people. My desire to have friends and play outside began to gradually outweigh my misgivings around people. But still underneath it all, I took great solace in being alone and not having other's energies disrupt my peace. Reading became my escape and my refuge. I would disappear into the invisible world of the stories I read. This made me feel at ease.

As my interest in spiritual studies increased, I began to learn about yoga, meditation, chanting, breath work, etc. Through these spiritual technologies, I began to feel empowered and less energetically vulnerable. There was a practice I learned that included meditating with the thought that "I am not this," over and over again during the meditation and feeling myself detaching from the feelings I had in the moment. This was a way of understanding that although you are experiencing something, you are not that something or that experience. You are greater because you are one with the Divine.

Eliminate or minimize hugging, physical contact to reduce taking on other people's energies. Limit being around those whose energy you know is negative or draining. Cleanse your aura with water and Epsom salts in a warm bath whenever you feel overwhelmed. Light a white candle to place in the bathroom, some flowers and soft wordless music. Set limits and boundaries. You are honoring yourself in the highest way when you do this. "No" is a complete sentence. No need for long drawn out explanations. Cut cords between you and those who drain your energy every time you are with them. It is a special ritual I will address in another blog. Alone time is beneficial. Nature is rejuvenating. Spend time in it. Find a favorite tree or a special area. Perhaps around a lake, by a water fall, or near the ocean. Get your rest. Take quick naps to replenish your energy. Take breaks from technology especially social media and the news. Pay attention to where you feel energetically attacked or drained. For me it’s in my stomach. Take a moment, close your eyes, breathe deeply and picture sending white light energy there to relax the area and release the energy that you’ve taken on.

Smudging your environment (workplace, home, office) with white sage or frankincense to keep the environment energetically clear and uplifted as much as possible is a good way to support yourself energetically. Do this every few days or at least once per week.

Another Way to Take Care of Yourself

My friend, who was well-versed, shared this with me. She sensed my extreme vulnerability to energies as an empath and taught me how to shield myself energetically. It is a well-known practice, and I share it with you to help you with the unusual and extra energies that are flying around in the atmosphere these days. Also, it is good to do as a regular and general practice whenever you are going out and about for extra shielding and safety from harmful energy.

Psychic Shielding basically means visualizing, intending and feeling that you are completely surrounded in an orb, blanket, or cocoon of light from the Divine.

White Light Psychic Shield Light shields can be placed around your home, office, vehicles, possessions, and around your loved ones as well. Although very powerful and effective, shields are not permanent, and so you'll need to re-invoke a light shield about every 12 hours, or sometimes more often if you're in a really dense energetic place, or if you find yourself stressed out and emotional, cleanse your energy with light and reapply your light shield!

The process is to invoke and visualize simultaneously. The following can be said out loud or quietly:

"I now invoke a the Divine White Light for psychic and physical protection around me 50 feet above me. Fifty feet in front of me. Fifty feet behind me. Fifty feet on the left side of me. Fifty feet on the right side of me. Fifty feet in back of me. Fifty feet below me and fifty feet all around me. I am now enclosed in the Divine White Light of impenetrable protection. Nothing gets in but good and God, nothing gets out but good and God. Amen. Ashe. So mote it be."

During recitation visualize a bright white that begins its emanation from above. Then continue the bright light in the direction as recited in the the prayer.

If you work with Archangels (Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel) this is a good time to call them in before or after you set up the psychic shield.

You are a gentle soul who needs to put yourself first. You care so deeply and want to see change in the world for the better. You are needed as the powerful empathetic energy you are. Even if it is just to be you wherever you are. That can be your mission. The world needs you to take care of yourself to be yourself fully in the world. You need to take care of yourself for YOU. You need to feel at ease and comfort in the world.

Blessings, light and love.

Rev. Mignon

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