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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse - Pt. 2



Connecting with the benevolent Ancient Ancestors and Ancient Ancestral Mothers

Connecting with higher level ancient ancestors and guides and other celestial beings during the eclipse is just a matter of intention and commitment. However, expectations for certain outcomes should be eliminated as much as possible. When you call on them, it is sending out a beacon of energy. Depending on energetic factors it may take a bit of time for the response to come. It may be immediate or somewhere in between. Trust that your request has been sent, it's just a matter of when the time is right. As mentioned in part 1, reaching out during this time to them is because the veil is much thinner. They vibrate at a much less dense energy that often times is not harmonious to the density of this planet. There are ways. They are skillful, but it all depends. Leave yourself open and receptive and know when the time is right it will happen!

Spirit guides exist in the realm of infinite possibilities and are not confined by time or space. There is no limit to what they can do for us from their realm. In fact, the more they help us, the more they ascend. I encourage my students to assign at least three tasks to their guides before parting ways. Spirit guides can help with everyday life and spiritual life.

Meditation & Prayer

Higher Spirit guides don’t really have shape or form, and they don’t actually have names. They will present a name for our comfort since that is the way we identify whom we are interacting with. However, our human minds do work well with shape and form in helping us identify spirit guides and focus our energies so we may better connect with them. It’s incredible how they’ll present themselves or how we may perceive them when we start connecting with them. Some people see their spirit guides very vividly and in full detail, while others see shadow figures. As long as the connection is strong, you’re good!

Here are a few prayers that you can use to call upon them. Using this prior to meditation as a lead in is a good format to use:

A Prayer for Our Most Ancient Ancestors

Most Ancient Ones, I call back through the vast reaches of time to you! Back through recorded history, Before the Romans fought and fell: City, Republic, and Empire Before the fertile lands between the Euphrates and the Tigris were cultivated and cultures rich and vast sprang up. Before the taming of the wild steppe horses, Before the land bridge to the Americas was crossed, Before all these things you were there.

We do not forget you this day, most ancient ones. You are us, and we are you, our DNA the same as yours. Your minds bright and shining, your words clever, your hands working just as ours. We thank you for your gifts and we thank you for your survival. We are you, come back again, building on your work through the shifting sands of time. Most ancient ones, please accept our offerings! (note: a prayer is a type of offering)

--Ashe. Amen.

Prayer to the Ancient Ancestral Mothers

During this eclipse today I am calling my ancient of ancient ancestral mothers. The ones whose names have been lost through the eons of time. The ones who ascended long ago. Ascended to their thrones in the stars. The watchers, the celestial healers, the ones with magic in their blood and in their bones. The ones who never speak with their tongues because the power they emit is too strong for our ears to hear. Instead, they whisper their sacred message teachings with their eyes and their breath.

Their love is so deep we named it a black hole because we forgot that it was you sitting there in immense unknowable, unfathomable space

I miss you Ancient Mothers... when I think of you I remember who I am...

that I am of you and we knew what I came to this earth to do.

I call upon you Ancient Mothers whose names have been forgotten through the eons of time... at this eclipse when my spirit can once again perceive you and feel your love that satisfies my soul and gives me the fortitude to continue.

I welcome your whispered kiss and your celestial embrace. I need your nurturing and medicine to heal these battle wounds so that I can rise and be the daughter/son that you dreamed of, carrying the soul medicine out into the world.

--Amen. Ashe.

Say these prayers just before meditation. Sit in silence and open to receiving any messages in the form of images, words, sounds, visions. Make sure to record them. You can do these prayers anytime you feel a pull towards them. Repetition is what will ensure that a connection is made and received.


Another way to connect with your guides is through Auto-writing. With a notebook, journal or pad of paper, sit in silence at your altar. If you don’t have one, you can light a candle and place a glass of plain cool water next to it. Take a few deep breaths to relax. Say a prayer giving thanks and honor to the Divine, your ancestors and spirit guides. Then speak out loud from the heart and let them know that you are ready to receive their messages by way of writing. Turn within as deep as you can and then allow the pen to flow across the pages in whatever way it does. Surrender to the energy. Don’t judge or try to control it. Allow it. Once you feel you are done. Thank them. Look at the page and try to see if you recognize words, shapes, pictures or abbreviations.


Happy Full Moon Lunar Eclipse!

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