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Harness the Divine Sweetness of Life: Honey Pot for Oshun

We as a global community have been through so much these last few months. The internal craving for things to settle and become easier, sweeter and more gentler is growing and growing. One way to help bring this energy in to your life, is to call on the spirits that govern this energy to ask for it manifest strongly. Sweetness encompasses good relationships (romance, family, business, work, social, etc.), wealth, good health, social life, ease and comfort, music, dance, art, beauty, sex, sensuality, fertility, creativity, good food, joy, fun, laughter, spiritual insight, etc.

The Orisha Oshun is from the Yoruba-Lucumi tradition. When paying homage and calling on the assistance of this extraordinary Spirit, you must focus on learning about her first. If you are not familiar with Yoruba Orisha spiritual culture, please do your research. I must add that although you may do research nothing replaces the guidance of an experienced and reputable Priestess or Priest. She or he can provide the appropriate information based on your level of knowledge and experience.


Note: This is for a Honey Pot that you keep on an altar and periodically refresh/”feed”. If you would prefer to do a fresh pumpkin that you scoop out, you would do everything the same except for what’s done at the river. Instead you would do the following:

Leave the fresh pumpkin at riverbank or place it in the river. You can repeat this periodically (once a month) every few months if you feel the need. Additional note: You can also swap out the dried parsley and mint with fresh since you are leaving it in nature. I like working with fresh herbs over dried herbs. However, dried herbs are more convenient.


· Dried hollowed out round gourd with top (10-12 inches in diameter) – or fresh one scooped out (save top for later)

· Pour melted wax inside to coat the bottom if you feel it will leak or seep or put a plate underneath

· Honey enough to fill gourd half-way

· 5 Cinnamon sticks (or multiples of 5)

· 5 Cloves (or multiples of 5)

· Dried parsley

· Dried mint

· Splash of beer or champagne

· 1 male magnet

· 1 female magnet

· Coins of all denominations (especially 5 gold dollars, or multiples of 5)

· Uncarved key from locksmith (gold tone)

· Yellow ribbon

· Red ribbon

· Paper to write your desires (yellow, brown or parchment, white ok)

· Something personal of your DNA, nail clippings, hair, etc.

· Dollars, paper money of any denomination

· Gold, silver, copper or diamonds if you can

· If your gourd doesn’t have a cover/top you will need a yellow cotton cloth and a yellow or red ribbon to tie it around.


Whenever preparing offerings, doing ceremonies, or rituals, it is important to energetically cleanse the immediate area you will be working in. Also it is a good idea to get into a trance-like state and focus intently on what you are doing.


Fill the gourd halfway with honey (IMPORTANT taste first*** there is a history with Oshun's enemies trying to poison her with her favorite treat, honey. So you must show her it is safe before you give to her.)

Write your desires on the paper for love, money, abundance, wealth, success. Read out loud to Oshun. Fold letter small. Fold dollars small. Tie paper and dollars around the key with red and yellow ribbons, wrapping the ribbons upon and down the key until papers and key are covered. Put everything inside the gourd and stir clockwise 5 times (or multiples of 5). Talking into the pot from your heart. Ask for heart’s desires. See in your mind clearly what you want.

While making the Honey Pot, sing to Oshun. There are videos on Youtube you can use to play in the background and sing along.

Talk to her from your heart like a child to a mother or a best friend. Let her know your hopes and dreams and why you make this pot. Tell her your deepest desires. After you finish the pot, meditate some more. Thinking, praying, singing. Turn the pot 5 times in your lap. Hit floor or table 3 times. Call Oshun’s name 5 times into the air. Repeat four more times alternating calls in the air and the pot. Stay silent for a few minutes… listening… feeling. Pass Honey Pot over your head, belly, lower ab, knees and feet.

Put it on your altar or on a table with a yellow candle for 5 days. Take with you to the river with an offering of 5 shiny new pennies. Sit and talk to her again. Bless & throw pennies into the river. Take Honey Pot back home. Place somewhere safe. Every so often place a yellow candle next to it, say a prayer to Oshun.

Note: Honey pot should have the cover of the gourd/pumpkin to close it. If the top of the gourd is missing, cover with a yellow cloth tie with a yellow or red ribbon.

In traditional Yoruba Society below is a statue of Oshun with the honey pot on top and her baby on her back. These modern-day depictions of her as mulatto and flowing curly hair wrongly Europeanizes her looks to that standard of beauty. We embrace and honor all of what we are across the diaspora, Africa, the world, but Oshun is an African divinity. Her appearance is as an African Woman. Although the Orisha (divinities) are above color/race, they are not without it.

It appears that the pot on top is hollowed so that ritual offerings to Oshun could be placed in it. The Gourd Honey Pot is another form of this. Instead we take it to her place in nature which is the river and all sweet waters to give offerings to her.

Wishing you many blessings, success and happiness!

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