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How to clean your house spiritually for the New Year (Or anytime)

Everything is energy. Energy is everywhere. We are energy and so are the things around us. The things that we can see are energy. There are also unseen energies that we encounter all the time. We sense them with our other senses, including our 6th sense (our spiritual radar).

When people come and go in our homes, they leave a trace of their energy. We pick up energies in the places we go and bring some of it back with us. Energies move around on their own and can come drifting into our spaces and end up hanging out with us until they are moved out. Our spaces—homes, offices, studios, businesses are receptacles of these energies and over time there is a build up. This buildup of energy can affect us, our moods and the feeling in our environments. Most of the effects are positive, but some of it is negative. It’s the negative that can get in our way without us even noticing its effects until something drastic happens to alert us. Have you ever stepped into a place that you just couldn’t wait to leave or had a hard time feeling quite comfortable? Or, conversely, visited a place that you immediately felt comfortable and it was hard to leave because it felt so good or peaceful? These are examples on how energy affects us and how energy stays around to either support or disrupt us. It’s always a good idea to periodically clear your spaces of the energy buildups to wipe the slate clean and remove anything unwanted and unbeneficial. This energetic cleansing creates an opening to fill your space with positive and beneficial energies. We have the power to call them to us if we so choose. We also have our own auric energies and positive forces that are with us and permeate our homes and work spaces. For the New Year, It is ideal to clean and clear out unwanted energies and start the year off with only positive and beneficial energies in your home and businesses! Here is a simple, basic process to do just that.

This energy clearing process should be done on December 31st or any time during the first week of January, although the preference is to do it on Dec. 31st in order to start the year fresh. This cleansing ritual can also be performed at any point in time. Whenever your intuition tells you it's, needed. It's needed. Some people make a habit of doing regular energy cleansings just to make sure their space is always as peak positivity. When doing a cleansing for the New Year, the idea is for the energy cleansing to happen after the house has been physically cleaned. Removal of anything unwanted, junk, clutter is important to support an energetically clear and uplifted space.

There are a multitude of ways to energetically cleanse your house. This is just one way and is a favorite of mine that I’ve used throughout the years. It has proven to keep and/or restore my home with energy that is comfortable and uplifted . Any method you choose or are accustomed to is just fine. The one provided here is just one of many. For this method, you will find the instructions below.

What you will need:

- Intention

- Favorite prayer, psalm or chant

- Cleansing mixture (recipe below)

- White candle

- Sweet smelling incense or perfume

Make a cleansing mixture (or floor wash) combining 1-2 quarts of water (depending on the size of your place and whether you plan to sprinkle or wash), a tablespoon of salt (preferably kosher or sea salt), a quarter cup of vinegar. This is a base that can be used as is or to give it an extra punch, add a few drops of one or all of the following essential oils: Eucalyptus, camphor, frankincense, Palo Santo. These are all good for cleansing & protection. Another powerful addition is a very well-known cologne called "Florida Water." This cologne is a standard ingredient to spiritual baths and washes. It includes various essences and essential oils that are cleansing and uplifting. It can be found in Botanicas and also in some Dollar stores. Adding a dash or two would be great.

A cute little article of a celebrity and Florida water.

While preparing the mixture pray for it to be blessed with strong cleansing and protective energies. Your personal energy is the most important ingredient. By adding your personal blessing and prayers, you increase the effectiveness of it.

Starting at the farthest room from the front door, sprinkle the mixture in each corners of the room (if you intend to mop the floors make sure you get the corners) all the while reciting or chanting your selected prayer. At the same time visualize light bursting through and dispelling the darkness and negativity. The corners are areas where energies settle and grow in intensity. This is why you focus on cleansing the corners. Moving from room to room counter clockwise towards the front door would good if possible, but not necessary. Also, It is important to say your prayer/chant out loud. Words not only have meaning, they have vibration and work along with energies in the cleansing mixture. Move from room to room repeating the prayer over and over as you cleanse. Let your intuition guide you. If you get a sense to change the prayer or add anything else to it, that is your intuition kicking in. Always let it be your guide. If you sense a particular area needs more attention, then by all means stay in that area sprinkling and cleansing until you feel that it is time to move on. Ending at your front door sprinkle the entire door all around the frame and across the doorway. I would concentrate on the front door, fortifying it with extra prayers and affirmations of goodness, peace, prosperity, love, Open the door and visualize all unwanted negative energy being whisked out of the door. When you're finished, shut the door.

A special note: Best to wear light colored clothing and cover your head with a light colored cloth when doing this type of work. If you have any protective jewelry, talisman, crystals or elekes (blessed beaded necklace) where them to fortify you for this process. Sometimes the energies don't want to leave and will try to stay with you.

The next step to completing this cleansing, is bringing in positive energies. Sometimes this process also cleanses the positive energies as well. Invite positive energy in by doing the following:

Starting at the front door in reverse direction of the cleansing order (clockwise). light a white candle and your choice o sweet-smelling incense. Go back through your house room by room and bless each one from your heart. While doing this visualize all the good and beautiful things you are calling to your home. Speak out loud all of the good that you want. You can also use prayers, affirmations, psalms or chants. You can do this in the center of each room. No need to pay attention to the corners unless your intuition tells you that is what you need to do.

Once finished going from room to room, leave the candle in a fire safe container and in a

safe uncluttered area away from flammables to burn all the way out.I like to leave it in the room closest to the front door only if possible NOTE: Always practice the utmost fire safety when using candles and incense.

Bless your house with a final prayer at the front door. I've included the Interfaith House Blessing Prayer below that you can use after you've cleansed the house and finished calling in the positive energies. I personally like the language in the prayer. It's sweet but strong in calling in Divine blessings and good energy:

House Blessing Prayer

May this home be glowing with warmth

in the chill of winter

And a cooling shade

in the heat of the summer sun,

May it be a place

where one awakes with eagerness,

And a haven from stress,

when the work of the day is done.

May God, our Mother,

safely cradle this house in her strong arms,

And breathe the comfort of her love

through every room.

May God, our Father, fire the minds

of those who dwell here with hopeful dreams

And give them the strength

to make those dreams come true.

May God, our Companion,

fill this home with laughter

And weave a satisfying peace

in times of solitude.

May the cupboards be forever full,

And the table spread with welcome cheer.

May friends come often through the door,

But yet the need for privacy

be respected here.

May the wild beauty of God,

May the indwelling peace of God

May the surprising mystery of God

Inhabit this home.


(Prayer by Jean Gaskin, published in Human Rites: Worship Resources for an Age of Change compiled by Hannah Ward and Jennifer Wild, London: Mowbray, 1995, p.91

After you completed everything, you should notice a beautiful peace settle over your home.

Blessings for a wonderful year with an abundance of all things good!

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