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June's Solar Eclipse & Solstice Events: How to Take Care of Your Spirit


The Summer Solstice is coming up on June 21st in the northern hemisphere. Many don’t realize the huge significance the solstice and even fewer take advantage of it. Those who want to advance their spiritual growth by working with the celestial events, will not be disappointed by using the time of the solstice. The energy of the solstice creates a huge blanket of sacred energy bringing the veil between the physical and spiritual realms closer. This is an opportune time if you’ve ever wanted go even deeper within. Since it is the Summer Solstice, the energy is more “hot” than the winter solstice and is slightly more active and external in essence because of its level of heat. However, with the right spiritual tools, going deeply within can still be accomplished with success. It takes a little advance prep. The solstice period lasts for three days. Depending on the constellational positioning, the solstice can begin on June 20, 21 or 22nd. This year it takes place on Saturday, June 20th at 5:43 p.m. and lasts until June 23rd.

One of the more important preparations is to plan on taking a break from social activities and the influences of social media, television, radio, and most music. Also, unnecessary conversations with people are best to keep at a minimum or not at all. If there are particularly negative people in your life, definitely have as much distance as you can during this time. The idea is to totally isolate your mind from outer influences and to go within to access your Higher Self for guidance and insight. During the time you would also invoke your ancestors and spirit guides to assist in helping you to connect with inner wisdom. During this time, you should immerse yourself in any higher spiritual reading materials, video lectures, and guided meditations. If there are any specific behaviors you are targeting to improve and let go of, this is one of the times to do it. Have your affirmations and declarations ready. The idea is to stay mostly in meditation, sleep and trance as much as possible during the solstice. One of the techniques that is often used is pre-recorded materials (guided meditations, self-hypnosis, etc.) to play while you’re sleeping or in trance of the things you want to accomplish. Doing this will support the reprogramming of your subconscious mind where all of your true beliefs reside and your behaviors are reinforced.

Plan to take anywhere from ½ day to 4 days off for the Solstice. Whatever time permits in your schedule is just fine. Light fasting is suggested to lesson the demand on your body by the digestive process. Fasting allows for the Spirit to have stronger control on what you experience during this time. Your Higher Self through your spirit supports your evolution at all times. The ability to flow in and out of meditation and trance will be easier. If you have medical conditions that prevent you from fasting, please always follow the advice of your medical doctor. If you have to return to your regular activities, then do so with awareness to not take in unwanted programming for other people and media.

Think of this time as if you are entering into a sacred temple to refresh and refine your mental state and your spiritual energy. Understanding that this time is allowing unlimited opportunities to create needed and desired changes to your life circumstances. Especially how you show up every day and how your experiences impact you. This is a time to refresh and reset your mind and spirit.

Gather the spiritual tools you plan to use and have them ready for when you plan to start. Whatever time you plan to invest in this process, it’s best to do it all in one block of time. If you can’t do the entire 3 days, then pick one day or a block of time on one day to dedicate to this process. Plan your meditation sessions in advance. Choose what you want to focus on so that everything flows easily. Create a temple like environment to bring in sacredness.

This year, there is the added benefit of a solar eclipse on June 23rd and the New Moon in Cancer on June 21st. Add in the planetary retrogrades of Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Pluto, Neptune and Mercury, and you’ve got a dynamic recipe for a truly substantial spiritual experience.

Tap the links below for a look at the six planetary retrogrades and their benefits.


April 25 until October 4


May 11 to September 29


May 13 – June 25


May 14 until Sept 25


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