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Divine Abundance: How I Manifested Half a Million Dollars in a Year

For a detailed discussion and tips on manifestation techniques, please see my ebook: "The Art of Manifestation: Simple Energy Techniques to Creating the Abundant Life you Deserve" Available on Amazon Kindle

Manifestation is currently one of the hottest items in the spiritual community. Manifesting an ideal life, opportunities, and wealth is what we want to do AND we absolutely CAN do it, especially when we apply certain spiritual techniques and tools.

As spiritual people, we are realizing that a great spiritual life is supported by an abundance of goodness in all areas and that includes being financially sound and even being wealthy. The belief that living a spiritual life means sacrificing financial gain is being abandoned more and more. We need spiritually elevated people who also have the financial resources to support efforts and causes that will benefit and uplift their larger communities.

One can apply certain spiritual techniques for manifesting at any time however this year, 2018, is a perfect time according to the energetic signature that is dominanting. We are in a double eleven year numerologically. Eleven is a master vibration number. It is associated with high spiritual truths and vibrations. The double 11 makes it a year of constant potent manifestation energy. This high vibration makes it a prime time to manifest the things we want more easily -- be it financial, emotional, career, spiritual, etc. There are always energetic opportunities to utilize no matter when you begin your abundance elevation focu

When I began the process of manifesting a half a million dollars in 2016, I was unaware that this 11 energy was coming in 2018. It was only when I came closer to the end of 2017 that I became aware. My journey of manifestation has taught me new techniques and deepened the techniques that I already knew. It brought new insights that I wanted to share with others. Here is my story...

I was scared as shit, but I knew deep down in my soul I had to take this action.

For a detailed discussion and tips on manifestation techniques, please see my ebook: "The Art of Manifestation: Simple Energy Techniques to Creating the Abundant Life you Deserve" Available on Amazon Kindle

My life had me running around in the same circle over and over again. The term "rat race" fits it perfectly. Work, home, sleep, caretake, work… an endless cycle of unfulfilling activity, except for the caretaking of my child. My child was the only satisfying thing in my life and it’s what kept me looking forward to each day. Work was an endless dredge of corporate bullshit. Powerplays, emergencies, high stakes corporate playing field, a rat race which lacked any fulfillment for me, except an o.k. paycheck. That's what kept me hanging on for as long as I did.

I worked in a support capacity for top-level executives. I am a creative soul and I felt like my soul was slowly seeping out with each day as I forced myself to conform to a corporate environment. What made it tolerable was that my working for the top dogs, I could get almost anything I wanted to make sure I was comfortable at my job . I didn't have to get prior approval from anyone. I got it just because I asked for it. However, the job was high-profile and very demanding of most of my time and energy.  Because so much rested on how I performed and how it impacted the minute to minute, hour to hour success of my boss’s day, I was in a state of constant anxiety and worry about whether or not I did something right, or (Goddess forbid!) I forgot something. I was really, really good at what I did. So the worry wasn’t necessary, but the stakes were high. I also always found myself trying to over prove myself hoping for some type of recognition and increased compensation for the tireless and unceasing work that I produced. I was loyal and strongly dedicated. The recognition and compensation I received didn’t level up to what I gave each day. It was doled out by the executives in stingy, small doses. My work poured into the early mornings before I left home and evenings making me late getting home, or I was at home working. Checking work emails frequently just to make sure I was on top was a daily occurrence on and off the job was a constant ocurrence. Even though I was at home, my daughter felt the impact of my work spilling over into my time with her. I took my work cell phone, extra battery charger and laptop to the beach ... just in case something needed to be handled for the two executives I supported. It wasn’t a good thing at all.

My life wasn’t unhappy, but it was surely unfulfilled. I had this ache in my belly that wouldn’t go away. That ache was telling me I needed to do what I know I was born to do in life. That ache made me long for the creative and spiritual life that I was not having and seemed so far away — but so close within me. That was my spirit trying to get my attention. So what stupidity did I do because of it? I drowned the ache in a couple of glasses of chardonnay every night. I wasn’t a lush or felt I had a problem, but I did become dependent on the company of this glass of wine. It was something that I felt was “just for me.” I wasn’t “on call” for anybody else. I wasn’t taking care of anybody else’s stuff. I was having MY glass (or two) of wine!

This routine became tiresome and I knew I had to make a change. I thought of how I would feel if I stayed at this job for the rest of my life. Would I be proud? Would I feel gratified in any way? Would I be able to move from where I was in the company to a position that was more fulfilling? Was my work making any significantly positive impact on my community… or the world? The answer was “no” to every one of those questions. I was in my mid-fifties. Time wasn’t on my side. What type of example am I setting for my child? Change needed to happen. I had to make a stand for my life.

After having an experience with being so broke in the past to the point that I was almost evicted and had experienced very little food in my house for a little while, I was terrified of going back to that. I wasn’t going to just quit… or so I thought… But no matter what I thought at that time, I knew I had to produce more money in order to move myself out of this job and on my way to my passion, my life’s work. I had NO idea how. But I just KNEW I had to do something. It was this burning desire that would drive me towards manifesting over $500,000 within a year.

Back in 2016 at the end of the year… around November/December a thought popped in my head as I began to contemplate the coming new year. Looking back at it now, I can say with certainty I was spiritually led to do this action. I took an index card and a black tip sharpie pen and wrote out the amount of money I wanted to manifest in the coming year on it. I did this on 3 cards. I didn’t realize at the time, but I had set the wheels firmly in motion by that simple act.

From listening to various abundance and prosperity programs, videos and from spiritual readings, it was advised to always be specific in writing out what you want. It was one of the techniques that stuck out in my mind. I had done it before, but this time I was determined to keep this number in my mind and visualize it as often as possible. One of the important guidelines for doing this type of prosperity work, is that it has to be a number that is believable to you that you can reach it, but also far enough of a reach that you move yourself to the next level financially. With this in mind, I began to think about what  that amount of money would be.

At the time, I was making a base salary of around $93,000. With overtime hours added it went up to about $130,000 and a bonus of about $4,000 to $5,000. Decent… in NYC. I worked extremely hard for it too. Forty thousand dollars in OT is a lot of hours of un-enjoyable work. But I was super grateful because I could support myself and my child living in the expensive Upper West Side of Manhattan. I had manifested this amount of salary through prevoius abundance thinking and sheer, deep gratitude. The abundance thinking had been an emotionally charged unshakable thought that was as strong as a "need". It had been nine years since I started this job (hmmm “9” being the number of completion). Time for a change. Time to make way for a new beginning. This was an opportunity at next level manifestation.

First and really important in abundance thinking, is a strong desire for something. For me it was to be out of the job I was in but financially ok. I wanted to have my own business and devote time and energy in the spiritual and creative fields—music in particular. “Spirit and Creativity,” had been and is my theme phrase. I so desperately wanted to change fields and be able to spend my time doing and being that which brings me much more satisfaction and joy.  Since I had decided to  create this change in my life by increasing the flow of money using abundance techniques, how much did I think I could manifest? I settled on $500,000. It felt right. So I took 3 index cards and wrote boldly on each one $500,000. I placed two of them in my wallet in two different places so that I would run into them frequently to remind me. The third one was placed inside my bowl of crystals on the table beside my bed to act as enhancers and magnifiers and also so that I would repeatedly see it over and over again. Subliminal programming.

A formula was put in place. Desire + passion = focus/drive (ACTION). Action was taken (writing the cards) which created a focal point to direct energy towards the desired outcome. Writing out the cards with the amount and placing them in strategic areas provides constant  mental reinforcement whenever you see it. This is seeding the subconscious mind. It creates a constant antenna to either attract opportunities and/or make you super receptive in identifying opportunities and taking action. To further reinforce and increase the energetic field of attraction is utilizing constant prayer, visualization, affirmations, and also self hypnosis. To add further strength and potency to this effort was setting up a prosperity altar with items that carry the energies of prosperity and abundance (herbs, crystals, money, coins, sigils, candles, etc.) and aligning with the astrological events to ride the wave of desired energies. By incorporating all of these techniques I activated and utilized energies on multiple levels and layers to create a huge prosperity momentum.  Setting things in motion to ensure potent energetic fields are in action leads to manifestation.

Spirituality to me is LIFE. I couldn’t imagine living a life that didn’t recognize the Divine in every nook and cranny—in every light and every shadow, in every human, animal, in nature and in everything created. I honor the Divine / God / Goddess / Creator with every fiber of my being. I honor the primordial spirits and Orishas (spiritual beings charged with assisting humankind) and am deeply grateful for their part in the Divine Plan and the unceasing love and support that they give. I honor my ancestors who have come before me and paved the way. I have a special altar for them where they are paid homage on a regular basis. I enlisted their assistance in achieving this goal as well. Meditation, contemplation, prayer, and spiritual readings are a  part of my day to day life that helped me tune-in and align my energies to my higher destiny. These practices also keep me sane. I also hone into the energies of the moon and astrology, numerology, herbal baths, candle magic are all part of the richness of my spiritual life.

I mention all of this to say that I make an effort to be constantly in tune with my deeper spiritual self and be aligned with the subtle energies and forces of nature to ensure I am in tune and attuned. Abundance and prosperity work are added dynamics to what I already am aligned with. So it is not something out of the blue that I just decided to do. It is a natural part of my spiritual life and soul inheritance.

For years I have watched how the manifestation of prosperity has worked in my life in gradual and great ways. I can attest to the law of attraction. What you truly believe, you do resonate. What you resonate becomes possible to manifest. Upon reflection, I have noticed that when I absolutely knew that I would not accept anything other than a particular outcome, it happened very much in line with how I thought it to be. It was only when I faltered and allowed my ego (showing up as insecurity, doubt and fear) to take hold, did things not turn out the way I wanted. We are in constant co-creation with the Divine. Usually, when I was certain of how I wanted the outcome to be and un-accepting of anything else, it was due to a “do or die” situation. When it was something that I wanted but was insecure about or felt unworthy, that is when the outcome was less in my favor or not at all.

Now back to the half a mil.

After I wrote the index cards out and put them in their respective places, I would briefly mentally focus on that amount of money showing up. I began to listen to prosperity and abundance talks and self-hypnosis videos to keep me in a prosperity mindset daily. I had abundance prayers and affirmations that I would also use daily in the morning and at night. I was intent on going “all in” on this. I knew that life could and would get hectic and create distractions which would take energy and focus away from my manifestation practice. This energy could be better directed to prosperity thinking and manifestation. So, it’s important to have constant reminders to help you refocus.

Things started happening at my corporate job and the opportunity to take a buyout of my position presented itself. Due to executing a large, heavy layoff program, the company was offering double what they would normally give based on your length of time with the company. I raised my hand and asked to be included in the layoff. CRAZY right?! NO, prosperity in the making. I got a full 9 months of severance along with vacation pay, bonus pay and health insurance. This took me from March 2017 to December 2017!!

All-in-all I received 9 months of my base salary which amounted  to approximately $70,000 plus health insurance was at least another $15,000. Brings the total to about $85,000. Didn’t have to work a minute for it.

In December as my severance package was ending, I started freaking out because I didn’t know where my income was going to come from that would keep my daughter and I afloat. I had started two business endeavors, but they had not begun to generate the type of income I knew they would just yet. I applied for unemployment. Unemployment payments would only cover basic expenses, but not rent. Although fear began to creep in, I would get messages from Spirit that my prayers had be heard and answered and that we would be just fine. I believed it to be so, but doubt would creep in because I couldn’t see it in front of me.  I’m human and my emotions would get the best of me and chip away at my prosperity mindset. It’s important to note that dips and doubts will happen, even to the most skilled properity practitioners.

I had many sleepless nights, but kept my mind active on possible directions I could take to generate income. Trying to stay positive. I knew worse case, I could go back to a job. But I also knew that I wasn’t going to have to do that. The one thing I know about myself is that I have the ability to survive and knew that I would make something happen. I also knew that my ancestors had my back. They hadn’t taken me this far to let me fail. I would hold on to this “knowing” tightly to get me through each of the coming days of uncertainty. In the back of my mind I was toying with the idea of possibly approaching my landlord again for a buyout. They had approached me back in about 2008 with a ridiculously low amount. I let them know I wasn’t interested. But that idea began to resurface. Then during our family thanksgiving festivities being held at my home, my sister and I were passing each other in foyer and she out of the blue said “why don’t you approach the landlord for a buyout.” Mind you, I had not had any conversations with my sister about my conerns or about when my severance package was ending or even my prosperity work. Just how did she know to say that to me to get me thinking about it again.?” Spirit works in mysterious ways.

So, with her mentioning it in such a timely manner the idea began to blossom in my mind as the perfect solution to my situation. I had no clue if they would be interested or not. I was also afraid that in my approaching them it would some how weaken my position. I pushed the fear aside and decided to go for a buyout deal.’

I lived in a classic 6 rent-controlled apartment in the Upper West Side of Manhattan. My parents moved me and my two sisters in that apartment in 1968. When my mother passed I got succession rights. I lived there with my daughter. I was so attached to the neighborhood, the building, my friends and neighbors  that at first I was a little hesitant about doing a buyout. But with my supercharged prosperity mindset, I was able to identify this as an opportunity to bring in the income that I needed. The Landlord desperately wanted the apartment because the market rate was more than double what I was paying. I was paying almost $3,500 per month. They could get about $8000 a month. I hired a lawyer and orchestrated a buyout of $425,000! The whole process went off without a hitch. Quick and smooth. This is an indication of divine alignment.

There you have the manifestation of over $500,000.

All along the way throughout 2016, 2017 and 2018, I had the blessings and the backing of my ancestors, Eshu, Oshun, Shango and Orunmila and a host of other uplifting spirits. I engaged in prosperity rituals and setup prosperity altars in sync with the moon cycles. I consulted IFA through my Babalawo (high priest in the Yoruba tradition of IFA) and confirmed the idea I had in mind and received the go ahead/blessing from spirit for the apartment buyout deal. Eshu (spirit of possibilities and guardian of doorways) opened the way.

In February of 2018, I closed the buyout deal and am now in a 3-family house that I bought with my son in December of 2015 (another manifestation story). Looking back the purchase of this house was in preparation for this manifestation event. Each apartment is a 3 BR, 2 bath, with a terrace and a roof deck that only we have access to. I live only minutes away from my old place. I’m loving my life and am feeling deeply grateful and truly blessed!

With this abundance manifestation, I am able to fund my business and be able to support the causes that are important to me. I have a strong belief that more “good” folks should be in positions of prosperity so that they have the financial ability to do more good in the world.

I can say with ultimate certainty that if you are committed to an outcome and spiritually connect with your personal power through visualization, rituals, intention and strong emotional belief in it coming into being, you will pull your desired thing from the un-manifested realm of potential into your life. As co-creators with the Divine Creator, I believe we can make things happen. Also, with the assistance of spirit guides, angels and Orishas and ancestors working on the spiritual plane to clear the way and also align you with the right circumstances, people, places and things… you certainly have a recipe for success! I’ve done it. I’m proof.

I share my story to say “If I can do it, you can too!” Any questions? Feel free to contact me at or leave a comment below. Also, for practical action steps that you can use to start your prosperity journey, please see the blog post "Recipe for Abundance" on this website.

For a detailed discussion and tips on manifestation techniques, please see my ebook: "The Art of Manifestation: Simple Energy Techniques to Creating the Abundant Life you Deserve" Available on Amazon Kindle

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