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When She Sees Who She Is

By Contributing Author:

Zina Brockman-DeMonde            

When she sees who she is

She sees her beauty

She sees her wisdom

She sees his spirit

She feels her soul

Never could she be misled. Never could she be taken advantage of. Never could she feel abandonment again.

When she's sees herself she’s happy

She sees her stars

She sees her highs and lows

That’s why. Never could she be told She’s not good enough, pretty enough or skinny enough. Never could she be told she couldn't do the impossible. Never could she be told she's not old enough to understand

when she sees herself she sees her truth

she sees her wisdom

she sees her power

Bets believe, never could she be called out her name again. Never could she be used again. Never could she be abused again.

When she sees herself she Knows her light

she sees herself she feels her might

Never will she fall victim to anyone or anything ever again

When she sees herself she owns her power as The Warrior Goddess she is.

With this moon cycle being the Buck moon cycle which is a time of letting go. I challenge you to let go of the past let go of the pain let go of the hurt and just love yourself. Give yourself permission to forgive whatever you need to forgive yourself for and move forward. With things just reopening and we're getting back to our new normal, let's start our life with a new canvas.

For the next two weeks starting today! Lay down on the floor or the bed. Put one hand on your belly and the other hand on your heart. Close your eyes and take deep long breathes. Do this for five minutes every day. Allow yourself to connect with yourself. Just feel yourself, what are your thoughts. Often when practicing meditation we are taught to let our thoughts go but this time I want you to focus on your thoughts see what comes up ask yourself Why is that showing up and what do I need to do with it? Allow yourself to feel your emotions. Feel the sensations that flow through your body. These thoughts and feelings will guide you to the places and spaces that need to be nourished the spaces and places that you're holding on to that is stopping you from your growth.

I challenge you today to take the walk out on faith in finding your Warrior Goddess.

By Contributing Author:

Zina Brockman-DeMonde              

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