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Manifesting Your Desires: 3-Step Scripting Method for Powerful Results

This method combines two methods of scripting and ritual. Three steps in all. There are two schools of thought on scripting. One is that you script in the present tense. The other is that you script in the past tense. The belief behind the present-tense scripting is that you are calling forth your desires in the now making it real and present. Your mind can grasp it and fully align with it thereby resonating and attracting your desires. I definitely agree with this. However, when I examined the belief behind scripting in the past-tense, I understood that what you are doing is implanting a memory of your choice. A memory is something that is very powerfully and definitively accepted as “true,” even more so than scripting in the present tense, which for some doesn’t strongly resonate as “true.” A memory builds on the premise and confidence that “if I did it before, I can definitely do it again.” “I am already capable.” Ritualizing your scripting from time to time, aligns what you are doing more strongly to the higher spiritual forces such as the Divine, spirit guides, ancestors and also your Higher Self because in ritual you activate a part of you that directly connects to the spiritual realm.

In successful manifestation, “knowing it” and “it being true to you” are the most powerful forces attracting your desires to you because you begin to resonate at the frequency of your desires. Frequency allows you to lock into to the channel of the desire in its unmanifested state or where it is already existing in another dimension. You magnetize it from that dimension or you can spark the manifestation in to your present reality. The Universe decides what way it will respond to your request. In my practicing of the past-tense scripting, I could feel the power of it as a memory. I could feel the lingering remnants of what had happened. However, I felt something was missing. In my mind, if it happened already it’s gone. Not here anymore. When I practiced the present-tense scripting, I felt it more powerfully, but also something was slightly missing. The shred of the ego peeking through my thoughts saying “nope, did not happen.” I thought to myself, “why not combine the two scripting methods together and add ritual to the process and create a holistic method of scripting?” Ritual is sacred and transports us it our “meta state” where creation is possible. It also invokes the benevolent spiritual forces to assist in your manifesting. This is what has developed as a result. I share with you the Scripting 3-Step Method for Powerful Manifesting.


Step #1: Set a time. Set the mood. Cleanse and purify the area with your favorite herb, splash, incense, etc. (sage, frankincense & myrrh, sweetgrass). Play music that helps you get into a meditative state if you life. Get still within. Light a candle. Burn incense or diffuse your favorite oil fragrance that helps you relax and go within. Sit at your altar if you have one. You can also have crystals around that help with meditation and manifestation. Some of them are pyrite, citrine, green aventurine, quartz (magnifies), lapis lazuli and moldavite. Breath deep for a few breaths. Go into a semi-trance state. This places you in the astral realm and is conducive to effectively sending requests for manifestation. Say an opening prayer. When ready, open your journal, grab your pen. Begin to think of your life as you desire it. Let your dream life enter your imagination and create a mental movie of your ideal life. Get ready to script.


Step # 2-Past: Write what happened yesterday in that ideal life. Your perfect ideal yesterday. What did you do? What did you accomplish? What were you doing? How did it feel? Include the weather. Was it sunny? Morning, afternoon, night? Describe the place, sights, scents, feelings, what did you wear? How does the fabric feel on your skin? How did you wear you hair? Did you feel fly? Did you feel like a goddess? Did you feel like a queen, or a boss? Who was there with you? Your friends? Your staff? Your team, colleagues? Your dance company. Your choir. Friends? Co-workers? Did you meet with different people? Clients? Did you go to a job interview? Were you writing your book, thesis, business plan or pitch? Was it a day of relaxing, enjoyment, restaurants, shopping, museums concerts, sport games, time with family, barbecue? Incorporate all of the senses. Sight, sound, smell, feel, sounds. Create a complete story. This is your life on the big screen of your visualization in all of its glory and beauty. Write it as if you are writing for someone else to be transported there. You have a blank canvas. It’s yours to create. Call for the details from your mind-body-soul-emotions-desires. The page is blank. You are providing your desires to the Divine, Universe in the form it can respond and duplicate its creation in your life. Pour out your story in your manifestation journal.

Once you’ve completely poured your ideal yesterday into your journal, stating how grateful you are, pour your gratitude on to the pages for yesterday’s beautiful experience in your life. on to describing the afterglow of feelings from the day before. How does it feel in your body? What emotions are you having after such a great day? Describe it in detail.

Step #3-Present: Now it’s time for you to script your present day. Your now. Follow the steps for the scripting your past. The same detail should be included. What is it like in all the details you can muster. What are you doing? How is the day going? Who are you with? How does it feel? What are you feeling? Are you building off of yesterday’s successful day? Detail it. You’re explaining your life to someone who you want to be able to experience every detail of what you are scripting. Remember, what you are really doing is talking to your Higher Self, the Universe and un-manifested reality at the same time adjusting your frequency to be able to magnetize what you are scripting and calling it into being.

Close with gratitude: Once you’ve poured all of this out into your journal, give thanks to the Creator in the way that you are accustomed. Say a closing prayer. Thank the Divine, spirits, etc. Thank and release the sacred energies that supported you through the scripting ritual.

You can read what you wrote out loud if you want to at this point to reinforce everything. I strongly believe in the spoken word as part of the manifestation process. I go into this in detail in my book, “The Words of Manifestation: Prayers, Psalms, Affirmations, Mantras & Incantations to Create An Abundant Life,” to be released on this spring 2020.

This Scripting process is done in past first, then present. The reason is to end with the present so we are focusing on what will happen soonest when we finish the scripting ritual. The past sets the stage of it being accomplished already and to fully embody it as a memory (body, mind and spirit.) What I often do to use as an example is to think about something that actually happened in my past. See how I call up that memory. Then I use it as a template for scripting my desires in the past-tense. Following it with scripting in the present further adjusts our frequency to match the frequency of the desired manifestation adding more intention and energy to draw it into our present reality. This is layering. Keeping the energy flowing in the direction you want is a consistent process until the manifestation happens.

Follow-up steps: You can re-read it daily, weekly. You can re-write it too. The perfect time to do this is first thing in the morning or last thing at night before sleep. These times are when your brain waves are most receptive. Your pre-dream/post-dream state is a very potent time to introduce your desires in a way that will transmit to your spirit, subconscious and the Creator. Timing this ritual with the New Moon is also advantageous.

Scripting can also be performed for a specific thing you want, instead of the life you are creating. It can be about a trip/vacation you want to go on. It can be about a purchase you want to make, an experience you want to have, a specific amount of money, a specific job, house, business, career, etc. Actually, for beginners it might be better to start with a more immediate smaller goal to gain confidence. Once you’ve achieved it you will have more concrete confidence in what you are doing.

In manifesting, repetition is important. Multi-layered approaches also help tremendously. The other approaches are outlined in my first and second books: “The Art of Manifestation: Simple Energy Techniques for Creating the Abundant Life You Deserve,” and “The Work of Manifestation: Rituals, Crystals, Herbs, Oils & Baths to Create the Abundant Life You Deserve,” both available on This is your life. Go manifest it!

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