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Morning Ritual

The importance of ritual in life cannot be overstated. Its importance in spiritual life is foundational. Ritual is a combination of actions, done with reverence that form the very basis of linking internally with the spiritual realm, your higher self, and the Creator.

Performing personal sacred morning ritual daily is an act of self love and selfcare.

I’m sharing my personal morning ritual that helps me get going. It is a creative process that ebbs and flows along with my moods and energy of the day. I shorten or lengthen it as I see fit. I also modify and change/update as I learn and grow and as spirit guides me. This is generally how my morning goes:

  • Upon waking, before getting out of bed, give thanks to the Divine Creator for the breath of life & this day & all my blessings

  • 3 additional prayers before rising to set the sacred tone of the day. This depends on what I am focusing on for a period of time.

  • Rise and salute shrines (Ancestor, Esu & Warriors, Kofa/Orunmila, Oshun, Aje Shaluga, spirit guides

  • Honor all my ancestral blood lines with prayers from each: Yoruba, Congo/Palo, First Nation People of the Americas, Ancient Kemet (Egypt), Christianity. Tapping the Ancestor staff on the ground.

  • Pour libation in Yoruba (as best as I can.... still learning)

  • Yoga (getting back into this rhythm

  • Manifestation rituals & visualizations

I try to do all of these, but in reality I am a person who ebbs and flows with the energy of the day. Some days I will go down the line and hit everything in my morning ritual. Other days, it's just a few so I can have somewhat of a foundation. From start to finish with everything is about an hour to 75 minutes. I start around 6:30 a.m. at the latest, 5:30 if I go to be early enough! That way the morning is just getting started when I start working for the day.

I share this as inspiration and an example for those seeking to create or modify their routine.

Your morning routine is sacred to you. Whether you spend 5 minutes or an hour it has to fit who you are and where you are right now. The beauty is you can change it anytme you feel the need.

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