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Ori, Personal Divine Essence

Ori in the Yoruba / Orisha tradition translates as the “head” or “higher self.” It houses the information (spiritual code) that is essential to unleashing and manifesting our best and highest destiny. The Ori is that spiritual core that is the connection to our Divine nature as humans. The concept of Ori is not isolated to the Yoruba Orisha tradition. In many very ancient and indigenous traditions/belief systems, this concept is found within them.

It is my belief based on my studies and experience that there are only a few things in one’s life that are hard set events. They happen when and how they happen as part of your agreement prior to being born. Birth and death to be two of them. Outside of these hard set events, most others are based upon choices / crossroads / decisions.

Each choice/decision results in a certain set of possibilities and manifestations. The experience and lessons of life! If we nurture and give proper attention, respect and praise to our Ori, then we have strengthened our connection to the higher aspect of our spirit that will inform and enlighten us in each and every choice we make. I am not an expert by any means on this, however the Orisha tradition is a strong foundation of my spirituality. I am forever learning and growing within the depth of its wisdom. I am humbled by the insight this tradition provides.

I offer the following prayer to one’s Ori that is recommended as a daily prayer (preferably in the morning, but anytime is good.) After honoring God first, then recite the following prayer to align with your Ori:

Ori, Ori, Ori! You are the first and foremost, you are the Exalted One and the Head. You are the first amongst all Orisha. Without one’s Ori, we cannot find our way. Ori, please listen and hear my prayers. It is I, _________ (state your name), the daughter/son of (state your mother’s name); who received the Odu of ______________ (skip if you don’t know this); My Ori, please guide me to the people, places and things which will help me in life today and all days. Bring me the people and things I need to receive health, happiness and wealth. I am asking you my Ori to (state your prayers/desires/wishes). Ori, listen to my prayers and take them to heaven. Ashe, ashe, ashe-o!

Sending blessings to you on your spiritual journey!!

--Sacred Mysteries World Wide

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