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Recipe for Abundance

We all desire abundance in one way, shape or another. We want to be happy. We want to be surrounded by the people we love and the things we enjoy. We want to have the freedom to travel when we want or to make upgrades to our material lives. We want to be able to pursue our intellectual, creative or spiritual goals without restraint. Some people want to be financially and situationally comfortable, while others want great wealth, success and notoriety. Wherever it is that you land on the abundance spectrum, there is no right or wrong. You have the ability within you to create the necessary circumstances to live the life you desire. In this article, I share practical steps that assist in helping you increase the opportunity for manifesting your desired level of abundance in your life.

I would like to preference this information with none of these techniques are more powerful than you. YOU are the most important and pivotal ingredient in this recipe of manifestation. If you have developed your own personal energy and ability to focus and concentrate for extended periods of time to a high degree, you really won't need any of the techniques in this article. All you will need is to meditate consistently on any of your desires.

Regardless of what steps, methods, or techniques you choose to implement, your mindset and attitude can either increase its effectiveness or totally cancel it out. Being in a constant and continuous positive and confident mindset about how you want your life is crucial to the process. Your emotions and focused intent are the most powerful elements of creation and manifestation.

Most of us have not developed our mental abilities to the point where they are the only tools needed in creating the life we want. Our ability to focus for the necessary amount of time for most of is very limited. That is why most people utilize layers of techniques that overlap. The additional of a variety of tools helps to strengthen us. Using a combination of audio, video, mental, ritual and emotional techniques is what will help get the job done.

The following are three areas of concentration along with tools for you to implement in order to attract abundance into your life. It is in no way exhaustive, but will give you a great start and inspire you to seek out other methods and techniques. Here we go:



Your mindset is the single most important ingredient. Without conditioning your mental abilities, you might as well stop right here. Negativity and depression cannot share the same space with abundance and wealth mentality. It is necessary to look carefully at how you feel about yourself, your life and your relationship with money and wealth. Over time we have acquired certain ideas about money that are negative or that get in the way. It's essential to identify where your "money wounds" are. Take some time and think about your relationship to money. Do you think money is evil? Do you think money is hard to come by? Do you think think you're not worthy? Did your parents struggle with making ends meet? These are potential wounds that you are not aware may exist that subconsciously get in your way.


Identify what your “money lack” mentality is and create affirmations that counter to those thoughts. Here is a link to sample that you can draw from:


In addition, make a list of money affirmations that resonate with you and combine with the ones above. This will create a very powerfully list of abundance affirmations specifically designed for you. Say them daily. Twice a day is even better, morning and evening.

Bills Are Your Friends

Never, ever curse your bills! Just imagine rich people getting sad, depressed or agitated that they had a bill come in that takes care of something that they need or want? Imagine them cursing a bill that was something they agreed to get on credit and ended up spending more than anticipated and now the credit limit is maxed out? Wealthy people get the bill and have a sense of satisfaction, confidence and knowing-ness when paying their bills…. Give thanks that you have bills to pay and can pay them. Soon it will be with ease, but it helps when you visualize paying your bills confidently and release and let go of the knot that forms in your belly at the thought of having to pay bills.


Listen to motivational talks daily. I can't over emphasize the powerful effect of a dynamic motivational speaker. There are so many out there. Youtube is a great resource. I can recommend Lisa Nichols, Anthony Robbins, Eric Thomas, Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, Damon Johnson... to name a few. There is somebody for everybody. Not every motivational speaker resonates with you. Find one that does, or listen to the ones that you already know get you motivated.


Write a believable amount of money on 3 index cards and place them strategically. I like wallet, nightstand and either refrigerator or mirror. Dream boards are another way to create visuals that reinforce your goals.


When you’re in a good mood, having fun or excited about something good … let the thought come in “I am wealthy,” or “I am a millionaire, billionaire… etc.” Riding positive emotional waves helps to attract abundance energy, which is positive, light-filled and warming and resonates with any other good feelings/emotions. Together they create and surround you with a magnetic force of attraction


Visualize, visualize, visualize! Visualize your ideal abundant and wealthy life. Early in the morning before getting out of bed is the best time. I cannot stress this enough. It is key to keeping you in the correct mindset and of changing your current vibration to resonate with that of abundance. Your brain is still in the alpha state and it is the ideal state for manifesting anything (good or bad). Be very mindful to not get on social media or thinking about problems first thing in the morning. Discipline yourself to immediately visualize what it is that you want as soon as you open your eyes. I make it a habit of going to my self-hypnosis recordings and putting my headphones on and go through my abundance (or any other) guided meditation.


Create a recording of you stating what your ideal life is in extreme detail. I recommend writing it all down first. Play the tape frequently to remind you of what you want and to keep your thoughts focused.

7. MOST IMPORTANT! GRATITUDE! Yeah, I know… you’ve heard this before. IT’S TRUE! Being grateful is EXTREMELY important in attracting more abundance into your life. Being grateful opens your heart and allows you to resonate powerfully good energy which in turn attracts more abundance. When you are hating on your life or depressed constantly that is the type of energy you are putting out and that’s what you will attract more of. Being grateful for your life for the small and big things and everything in between, acts as a magnet that attracts more good things. The universe doesn’t discern between what is good or bad, it gives you what you energetically resonate the most. Remember when what I wrote earlier? You are the most important element. You are the most important ingredient to attracting what you want. The universe will give you more of what you are putting out. Your energy signature is like a beacon sending out a signal attracting what you want in life.

Article, Up Next: Ingredient #2 - Sacred Ritual

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