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Spirituality of the Solar Eclipse

Updated: Apr 7


Eclipse season is a time of change and transformation. It is a time where the Universe presents an opportunity to make a quantum jump onto a higher path for our soul evolution. Darkness (spiritual womb) allows us to step away from the distractions of the outside world and go within so we can hear the quiet, still voice of our intuition. It is in the darkness that we can dream, create, imagine, and seek wisdom from our higher selves. The energy of eclipses thins the veil between the physical and spiritual realms allowing connection with high celestial beings and ancient ancestors.


The energy of eclipses, for me, has always stood out energetically. Something about them is potent, ominous, huge—like a velvet blanket enveloping the heavens. I often felt compelled to turn within and get quiet. Staying secluded in my home. The energy encourages me to delve into activities I either enjoy getting lost into or indulge in one of the spiritual practices that are my “go to.” An urge to step away from the mundane and external focus is really strong for me. When I noticed this, I started to research what the ancients and other spiritual doctrines say about eclipses. Ancient spiritual wisdom often provides a deeper meaning into the events of nature.


Here are some of the beliefs from different places around the world that have been culturally observed for centuries:


In central Africa, some of the Beta-Pahuin people see the sun and the moon as powerful spirits that are involved in a cosmic battle when a solar eclipse occurs thus causing the darkness.

The Tumbuka ethnic group of Malawi, Tanzania, and Zambia, see the sun and moon as lovers who come together during a solar eclipse.


The Zulu people, for instance, believed that an eclipse occurred when a celestial being, known as the "great snake of the sky," swallowed the sun or moon. This belief reflected a harmony between the natural and spiritual worlds, with the eclipse serving as a reminder of the presence and power of ancestral spirits.


Maoris of Assam believed that the lunar eclipse announced an imminent victory over their enemies.


In ancient China, the solar and lunar eclipses were considered to be omens that foretold the future of the Emperor. It was therefore important to predict eclipses. The ancient Chinese believed that solar eclipses occur when a celestial dragon devours the Sun.


In Navajo culture, an eclipse is about solemnity — not spectacle. It marks the end of a cycle and the power of when the moon and sun are in alignment. When the sun is blocked, it is undergoing a rebirth. It also is seen as the moon and the sun embracing each other.


The Christian take on eclipses was they brought or harbored negative energy that was against God, or tokens of God’s anger and, also, celestial darkness.


Whatever the beliefs, what is certain is that eclipses have powerful energy. So much so, that every culture on the planet has lore or observances that are specific to eclipses.


There are two types of eclipses. Solar and Lunar. A solar eclipse happens when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth, casting a shadow on Earth that either fully or partially blocks the Sun’s light in some areas. Lunar eclipses occur at the Full Moon phase. When Earth is positioned precisely between the Moon and Sun, Earth’s shadow falls upon the surface of the Moon dimming it.


The upcoming total solar eclipse takes place on April 8th from 2:37 EDT to 3:33 EDT. The Aires New Moon will intersect the path of the Sun in the sky, causing the Sun to be partially and then nearly completely blocked from view for a approximately 4.5 minutes. The intense energy of it will go on for over an hour.


For the purposes of this blog, the focus will be on how to utilize the eclipse event to assist in spiritual progress. During this time, you can focus upon desired life changes, life makeover, and transforming and manifesting desires. Eclipses are supercharged and can help boost your efforts significantly.


Along with the solar eclipse, there is also the New Moon in the astrological sign of Aires. The New Moon energy is combined with the eclipse energy. Another major addition to this celestial meetup is the energy of the Sun (solar). When you consider the positive attributes of both, you can craft a ritual or a process that incorporate this awareness. Aires signifies new birth, initiative, confidence, aggression, enthusiasm, fearless action, energetic, bold, brave, optimistic and likes challenges. The solar energy (Sun) traits are new creation, fiery, self-motivated, excitement, self-confidence, self-worth, mental clarity, self-control, sense of identity and purpose, inner strength, and resilience. The attributes of both Aires and the Sun are very similar. They are combined during this time and super charged by the solar eclipse. Furthermore, the New Moon is also present and eclipses the Sun. The New Moon allows us to travel into the deep parts of our subconscious. Because of its participation in eclipsing the Sun, we can more keenly identify our shadows and unresolved karma. We will be able to see and discern the unhealed parts of our emotional selves. In seeing these parts of ourselves, we must be vigilant in giving ourselves loving-kindness and grace supporting our ability to chart a path to true healing.


The positive energy aspects of the Solar Eclipse are: renewal and transformation, major breakthrough, letting go of old patterns (represented in the blocking of the sun), releasing negative energy, and embracing deeply felt personal growth and change, dream-like meditation and introspection, reflecting on life bringing insight, setting new intentions, and connecting with one’s inner self in a deep and profound way.


Eclipses are also considered powerful moments for connecting with the Divine, the Universe, Celestial Beings, Spiritual Masters, or a Higher Power. It's a time when the ordinary rules of the world are temporarily suspended, allowing for an opportunity for a greater spiritual reality to take place. In many ancient spiritual and indigenous traditions still in existence today, important rituals and ceremonies are scheduled during solar eclipses. The eclipse acts as a bridge and a portal to the inner dimensions.


The alignment of the Sun and the Moon during an eclipse is also recognized as a balancing between dualities/polarities, such as light and dark and the conscious and the subconscious. Eclipses are seen as times when these dualities come together and harmonize. The Divine Sacred Feminine and Divine Sacred Masculine intertwined in a complete celestial embrace sparking rebirth and renewal.


Things to do during the Solar Eclipse


Keep in mind that the eclipse energy intensifies all spiritual activities. Here is a list of things you can consider doing on the day of the solar eclipse:


  1. Set protections for the day, especially for any ritual or ceremonial activities you do during the eclipse. The energy is heavy, deep, strong and can add power to different forces positive and negative. Ramp up any protective measures during this time.

  2. If you have cherished spiritual practices, you can use during this time to strengthen and deepen them. Take this opportunity to hone in and focus on the specific energies that are highlighted by this solar eclipse with a new moon in Aires and weave them into your spiritual practices where they make sense

  3. Harness the unique energy of the eclipse for healing, protection, or other spiritual purposes. This is a prime opportunity to sit in solitude with a journal and reflect, recite meaningful prayers, chant mantras (Sanksrit), delve into meditation (guided is ok too), indulge in manifestation techniques, speak your most potent affirmations. Always stay in gratitude which keeps everything grounded and elevated.

  4. Prepare medicines, herbal baths, sachets, incenses, amulets and use this time to charge them with the solar eclipse energy (solar and fiery), specifically for protection and banishing. You can also charge water by setting it outside or in a window. This water can be saved to use in your protective and banishing workings.

  5. Most important is stillness and turning within and visualizing, affirming, and planning of the desired changes you would like to make. Connecting with your Guides and Ancestors and asking for insight from is also something to make time for.

  6. As an important note to all of the suggestions above, most importantly is to be relaxed and do what comes naturally and stress-free. Your mind, body and emotions should be in a state of calm. If you decide to do something specific for the New Moon Solar Eclipse, keep it simple and enjoyable. Doing nothing specific at all is ok too.

Be mindful of the fact that this is a time to activate renewal, positivity, breakthrough and transformation. Stay away from negativity in all its forms -- people, places and things. High sensitivity may also even be further heightened, so refrain from getting into arguments and altercations. That is why it is good if you can schedule or arrange to be in solitude or quietude for a good portion of the day.



Solar Eclipse Prayer


The Divine has birthed the solar eclipse to empower all of life. 

In the cradle of the sun and the moon’s embrace, we are empowered to “reset.”

In this eclipse, we release all patterns of negativity and lack as we receive the grand awareness of the inexhaustible truth of nature and the cosmos. All is Divine abundance.

As the sun’s light returns, we bask in the illumination of elevated consciousness.

We emerge from this eclipse emitting a higher frequency and activated creativity.

We transform ourselves to live from an awareness of sacred purpose and clear vision.

We expand to realize the manifestation of a new reality of our life.

We are Blessed.


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