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The Anatomy of a Spiritual Bath - Cleansing

Energy cleansing is one of the most frequently used methods of healing in the spiritual arena. A spiritual bath is a fundamental practice in spirituality. Its effectiveness is well-known. The types of spiritual baths are too numerous to name, but they can be easily made to cater to a wide variety of needs. Anyone can prepare a spiritual bath.

Why do we need to clean ourselves spiritually? We are spiritual beings made up of energy and vibration. All life is made up of varying degrees of vibrations. Some of these energies vibrate on a high level which is most desirable to encounter, and some are low which are not desirable. We encounter people, places and things every day that influence our own energy. We can also pick up energies like magnets, unwanted energies included. To ensure that unwanted energies cannot get strong enough to have influence in our lives, they are often easily removed by regular energy cleansing. A spiritual bath is one of the most often used methods.

Think of it like this. Every day we move through our homes. Going in and out and all around. The subtle dirt and dust that we pick up and that moves with us get scattered in our homes and take the form of dirt and grime. What if you never cleaned your home? How would that eventually make the house look and feel? The same goes for your aura/personal energy field. It needs to be cleared and cleansed regularly. The build of unwanted energies will have an ill effect. For some, the effects are subtle. For others, it could be down right detrimental.

How do you know you need a spiritual bath? Well, think of it like this. It’s better to do them than not do them and then you will ensure to keep your energy clear. However, if you want to wait for an indication of its need there are some things to look out for: Continuous tiredness with no real cause or reason. This tiredness borders on exhaustion and no matter what you do to recover from it, nothing seems to have a lasting effect. Another indication is feeling constantly heavy and drained. Yet another indication is feeling irritable and agitated at the slightest things. Also, a feeling of hopelessness is often a key indicator. Constant blockages to goals and a series of bad luck incidences constantly occurring are other signs that a spiritual cleansing is necessary. This is not an extensive list by far, but some of the basic areas where one could feel there is a need for a spiritual bath. I also need to mention that these indicators could also point to other needs as well.

What are the components of a spiritual bath? At its most basic function, a Spiritual Bath is a mixture of either herbs, essential oils, fruits and or flowers that are combined for specific purposes such as cleansing and healing, removing of negative energies, attracting beneficial energies, and so on. These ingredients can be put together in an endless variety of combinations. The ingredient that is always present is water. The other ingredients vary according to the desired result.

Water is the origin of life on this planet. Our bodies are comprised of mostly water. Our planet surface is mainly water. As the foundational element in a spiritual bath, water acts as a receiver of the energetic / magical / spiritual properties of the items that are added to it to make a spiritual bath. Water has its own vibration that it adds to the mixture, but one of its main qualities is it easily receives the essence of the additive. It does this while also retaining its original quality. The combination of herbs, oils, flowers and water creates a new composition. In some instances clear liquor is also one of the activating ingredients.

Water has many of its own benefits and one of the main powers of water is to be able to receive and resonate energies that it comes in contact with. There have been studies which show that water is influenced by the dominant energy around it. Such as in the extraordinary life work of Dr. Emoto, he documented in the New York Times Bestseller, The Hidden Messages in Water, that our thoughts and intentions impact the physical realm and water is the most easily influenced element. He studied the scientific evidence of how the molecular structure in water transforms when it is exposed to human words, thoughts, sounds and intentions.  In his book, Dr. Emoto demonstrates how water exposed to loving, benevolent, and compassionate human intention results in aesthetically pleasing physical molecular formations in the water while water exposed to fearful and discordant human intentions results in disconnected, disfigured, and “unpleasant” physical molecular formations." His work provides confirmation that water is easily imbued with the energies that it is exposed to while also retaining its orginal form. When water is blessed and prayed over it assumes a complimentary structure to hold and carry the energy of the blessing.

Using water as the base, following is a list of potential additives to create a bath:




Essential Oils

Saving the best for last!

The most important ingredient to any and all spiritual preparations, is Intention. Your (or the spiritual worker’s) energy of intention is critically important. Intention behind spoken prayers and/or incantations is the spark that supercharges all the energies contained in the bath. The bath is fine without it, but it becomes even more potent and effective with the addition of intentional prayers and incantations. Focused intention, prayers and incantations are the ingredients that add intensity and power to the mixture.

Regarding the use of herbs in making a bath, there are two different methods. In some traditions, fresh herbs and barks are used. It is thought that the live herb transmits its most vibrant and potent energy into the water. Only the freshest herbs are used. If possible, the herbs are handpicked and during the picking a song honoring the herb is sung. Once the fresh herbs are gathered the leaves are plucked and placed into a bowl. Tepid or cool water is poured into the bowl along with them. Then the herbs are delicately torn and squeezed until the herbal essence is completely transferred into the water to the point where there is little to no pulp left. Any pulp that remains is extracted and stored for another use. The water is a beautiful green color and the smell of fresh herbs fills the nostrils. During the tearing and squeezing an ancient song is sung to ensure the highest most potent gift of energy from the herb is sacrificed into the water. Plant life is another form of intelligent being. Their lives are also precious. Their blood is liquid chlorophyll. We must request their sacrifice and honor and thank them for their service to our higher good. Additional ingredients are added such as flowers, Florida Water, shea butter, cocoa butter, and/or Efun (powdered egg shells) and maybe even a little honey and palm oil. Essential oils can be added if the recipe calls for it. There also may be a splash of clear liquor used to add an extra spiritual kick!

The alternate method is the use of dried herbs instead of fresh. The dried herbs are boiled in the water to extract the essence.This mixture is left to cool before adding any other ingredients. The mixture is then strained of the leaves and the leaves either discarded or stored for additional use. An important note. Spiritual baths are meant to be taken either at room temperature, cool or cold. The concept behind it is that we want "cool, calm energies" to dominate in the healing process. Heat excites and agitates which is the opposite effect.

There are endless types and combinations used in the making of spiritual baths. There are some that are traditional and follow a basic recipe and others are totally intuited by either the spiritual practitioner or the person taking the bath based on the wisdom of the herbal energies.

So there you have it! The basic anatomy of a spiritual bath is desire and receptivity to the healing method, intentions/prayers, water, herbs, flowers and other ingredients and last but not least, giving thanks for the plants that sacrificed themselves for your spiritual wellbeing.

A simple spiritual bath for cleansing, clarity and elevating your spiritual energy:

- 1/2 gal of Water

- I bunch fresh basil or 2 tablespoons of dried basil (

- 1/4 cup of Florida Water

- the petals of white fresh flowers (I like roses) - about 2 or 3 or as much as you like!

- A few drops of an uplifting essential oil such as lavender or rose or clary sage

Combine ingredients in a large bowl or basin. Strain the herb pulp out. Add the flower petals last. Pray over the mixture. Take a regular bath or shower. Standing in the tub or stall, pour the spiritual bath over you from the head down or neck down (back and front). Do it slow as you can stand the coolness and say your favorite prayer all the while. Dry yourself off after, but put the towel in the laundry and don't reuse until it's been washed.

You can whip this up when you're feeling a little out of sorts and want to cleanse your auric field.

For other spiritual baths you can visit:

There are lots of spiritual baths to discover on the internet. If you're new to this, start with simple recipes that only have up to 6 or 7 ingredients. Once you're comfortable, build upon your knowledge of ingredients and have fun creating different mixes for any desired purpose.

Spiritual baths are great and a ready available method to balance, recharge and refresh your energy!

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