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Fall Equinox | Tuesday, September 22, 2020 | 9:30 a.m. ET

The Fall Autumnal Equinox marks the official beginning of fall in the northern hemisphere, because the Earth has moved in to a position where it tilts. It maintains that tilt causing the sun’s light not to hit the surface of the planet evenly. From this point, days begin to grow shorter and nights get longer. The Sun is both the source of light and life on Earth and the Equinox is a turning point in the solar cycle of the seasons. Our inner lives are reflected in the heavens. During the Equinox, there is a short period of balance of light and dark before we move into a time where we get more hours of dark than light. This balance is an opportunity to deeply ponder where you are ready to embrace changes. There is an opportunity to transcend illusion and limitations furthering your growth into a more authentic self and clearer soul purpose.

Changing seasons are key points in the natural cycle of life. Many ancient cultures perceived a powerful, deeper message for humanity during the change of seasons. So much so, in ancient India, Egypt, Sumer, Greece, Mexico, and Peru, the people erected ancient monuments that aligned with the solstices and equinoxes, to mark and align with each stage in our spiritual journey. Autumn signals a descent into one’s own inner darkness which is a place of rest, renewal and inner exploration.

On the Fall Equinox you may want to honor abundance and shift your consciousness from one of lack to one of abundance in some way through a small ritual or ceremony. Such as lighting a candle, giving thanks, and speaking your gratitude for all that you are and all that you have.

This is a time in the north east when everything begins to turn within preparing for the winter where everything slows on an energetic level. During the next three months it is important to take advantage of this slow progression to prepare to go deeper within when winter officially begins. Think of where you were a year ago today, and how far you may have come since then. Consider the dream-seeds that you planted at the beginning of the year, and that have been steadily growing. Allow those dreams—that bountiful harvest—to be reaped. Enjoy them as you replace those parts of yourself which do you no good. The impact of the tremendous major shifts we’ve all experienced this year is to be taken into account. If you’ve been working toward your own growth, now is a good time to see how far you've come and to set goals to carry you through the winter months and into the new year.


In the Yogic tradition, the Equinox is seen as a day when one has the best possibilities of transcending the limitations and compulsions of one’s physical [and spiritual] longings.” ~Sadhguru


The balanced time of the Equinox aims to assist in balancing your current life with the true desires of your heart. Now is the time to take inventory of where you have been, and where you are going. You are supported in breaking free from any remaining chains that have hindered or blocked your growth. 2020 has been a shocking year of major shifts and unprecedented upheavals in the way we conduct our lives. As crazy as it is, an opening has been created for huge positive change, different from what you have ever known previously. The heart of spiritual practice is internal, and is usually invisible and unnoticed by everyone else. Spiritual care during the equinox prepares you for the deep spiritual journey the winter solstice brings. Each earthly cycle prepares you for the next if you take advantage of the seasons' unique offerings. The equinox moving into the solstice creates a strong cosmic system of internal development. The energies can be utilized for internal work that leads to breakthrough that opens you up to the light of your soul.

The autumnal equinox is a time of harvest and also of a withering of what cannot be used to be recycled into something new. This is a time to simultaneously reap what you have sown, but also to let go and make way for the new season by selecting seeds for future growth. Gratitude is a way of reaping your inner harvest. Acknowledging the gifts and the blessings through prayer and affirmations, by being in the present moment and taking in all of what you are and where you are within the grand scheme of the Divine. Shadow work during this season is a way to uncover what needs to be let go.

"The significance of the Autumnal Equinox for the person walking the spiritual path is the time of year where we activate our new growth cycle. As we become silent and rest we are allowing space for our greater vision to emerge. As the days get shorter and the nights grow longer, we descend into the darkness of the night and face our own inner darkness—the darkness within, i.e. the ego and the subconscious—to prepare for the birth of the Light within, celebrated at the winter solstice."

- Pranic Consciousness

Be aware of being overwhelmed by this energy which can feel intense at times. Intensity comes when we hold onto the past instead of freely letting it go. This special time during the Fall is often seen as a mystery. Although it is a vital part of the ebb and flow of spiritual energetic opportunities, it is glossed over and many people ignore its importance. Many mistake the mystery of the decline of light that is part of the natural process of the autumn equinox for darkness. In reality, it is brings opportunity for much needed endings. Every journey must have a beginning that will eventually find its end, to only begin again. Fall is the bittersweet embodiment of this phenomenal portal of life.

Fall is the time of year that we set up our internal space and make room for what’s to come in the next year. We create fertile soil for our greater visions to grow but not by doing, but by becoming quiet and listening to what is trying to emerge from within us.


We encourage you to take some time before September 23 this year to acknowledge your life cycle and spiritual path. In doing so, you are honoring not only your own growth and light within, but the ancient wisdom that has served our health and wellness for thousands of years.

Our spirits are in tune with the energies of the earth and seasons. Our bodies and spirits are receptive to the powerful affect of the equinox. Care should be given to prepare and support this upcoming cosmic energetic event. Supporting yourself through this time by engaging in ritual combining the spiritual with a physical ritual, we can both recognize and make concrete our spiritual process that is part of our reality as a person on the spiritual path.

Things to prepare during this time:

  • Set up an internal space and make room for what’s to come in the next year.

  • Create fertile internal soil for our greater visions to grow but not by doing. externally. Meditation, contemplation and visioning are good ways to do this.

  • Embrace the change of seasons and welcome the approaching winter by getting into the spirit of change during the equinox. This can be done by clearing out the junk at home, in our digital spaces and in our mental spaces.

  • Appreciate the moments outdoors while you still can.

Take care of your body:

  • Diets that purge and cleanse the respiratory system are important due to the upcoming cold weather and with covid-19 still in our midst there is extra emphasis to do this. Dairy encourages mucous in the body. The less the better (unless your physician has advised otherwise). Exercises or body practices that warm and keep the muscles elongated are helpful (yoga, tai chi, wu shei, etc.)

  • Go out in nature and experience the vibrant colors of this wonderful change, be near the earth. Ground by putting your feet directly on the soil (if it's not too cold!)

  • Crystals can also be a great way to harness the energy and stay grounded. Below is a list of crystals that can help.


Boosts your energy on days when the changing of seasons is a l

ittle more challenging than others.

Purple Fluorite

Helps you to see more clearly as you plan for the upcoming

holidays and New Year.


Enhances memory and helps with deep

thought, reflection.

Blue Apatite

A creative stone, blue apatite helps you to find focus and

promotes your creativity.

Moss Agate

Refreshes your soul like a crisp, vibrant autumn day. A stone of abundance.


Brings warmth to those who don’t adjust to the cooling weather well.

Red Jasper

A grounding stone, it is also vibrant, helps those who are studying, as it

is a stone of endurance.

Take care of your emotions:

  • Emotions can tend to get low when fall/winter approaches. Depression and or dissolutionment are easier to allow into your psyche. Increase journaling, claim your right to have quiet time and be mindful of going down the emotional rabbit holes.

  • Aromatherapy to lift or shift moods

  • Spiritual baths (to uplift and remove negative energies)

  • Self-care routines (frequent)

  • Lessen sugar intake to prevent the “sugar blues.”

  • Engage in Mindfulness techniques.

  • Gratitude, embracing the necessary change of seasons. Have a gratitude journal or dedicate a section of a journal.

  • Turn off your devices and disengage from social media periodically.

  • Take a walks.

  • Shadow work is a great way to identify, give voice to and let go of things that impede peace and balance.

Take care of your spirit:

  • Delve into spiritual doctrines, inspirational readings, stay in-tune with oracle readings and or see your favorite diviner/reader to keep you on track. Prayers. Talks with ancestors and spirit guides to gain insight.

  • Meditate.

  • Contemplative practices.

  • Create an altar that reflects Autumn to hone and honor the energy.

  • Communing with your ancestors is another way to support yourself spiritually. During the seasons of fall and winter the connection between the physical and spiritual worlds is closer. Their comfort and insight is medicine for the soul.


  • Music is the great communicator and healer. Listen to music that takes you into a contemplative and meditative space. Music that helps to stimulate soul searching and healing will do wonders to support this time.

If you are a creative artist or want to venture into the creative arts, this would be a good time to engage. Creative arts allows what’s inside to be expressed outwardly to be enjoyed, honored and given a place where it can breath in the physical world. One of the books that has helped me in this way is "The Artist Inside: A Spiritual Guide to Cultivating Your Creative Self," by Tom Crockett.

The Fall is a refreshing time after the intense heat and busyness of the summer bringing with it the energy of coolness. Not too cold, not too hot is ideal energy that keeps you centered and poised to move in any direction that is needed for your wellbeing. The energy of the Equinox gives us a brief but invaluable spiritual opportunity that is most often unknown or overlooked. When we take this time of year to go within and clear out what no longer has meaning or value, we create a soil rich and ready to plant seeds for elevated visioning. The fall in its movement towards dormancy allows us to achieve rest and gentle rejuvenation during the cold, darkness of Winter.

During Winter regardless of the standstill on the surface, beneath and within is where regeneration for the new season of our lives takes place. It is the time of year for deep healing to take place. The cold and freezing becomes the transformational catalyst that sets the soil for Spring and our rebirth.

Blessed Fall Equinox!

Rev. Mignon


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