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The Power of Emotions to Manifest Your Desires

People are more powerful than they know. Emotions alone display a level of power that is readily available to everyone. When emotions are aligned with truth or are uplifting, the personal and social benefits are many. When the emotions are negative, the power is wasted and harmful. Emotions are catalysts for action and can be directed to fuel energetic manifestation work. The following is an excerpt from the book, "The Art of Manifestation: Simple Energy Techniques to Creating the Abundant Life You Deserve," by Rev. Mignon Grayson, discusses this topic.


"...Emotions move people to do things with passion and commitment. Emotions are temporary and fleeting and we ride the wave of them until there is a change. After an emotional peak, we go back to being at our normal levels of energy. The emotions that evoke almost immediate reaction are excitement, joy, anger, sorrow and emotional pain. The energetic frequency produced during emotional episodes resonates so strongly it is almost tangible. In fact, its presence can be felt by anyone in the near vicinity of the person experiencing it. That’s how powerful emotions are.

Emotions can either reinforce or derail what you are working to energetically manifest. During an emotional episode, the frequency emitted becomes part of your energetic signature until it subsides. In order to ensure that your emotions support your manifestation work, you will need to observe the following steps:

When a particularly powerful emotion shows up such as. joy, excitement, intense laughter (joyful expression) no matter what it is about, take a moment to say affirmations, script or visualize a manifestation goal. Hold on to the emotion as strongly as you can. Breathe deeply before and after to seal it in. Positive emotions are acutely aligned with the vibration of abundance and prosperity. They attract each other. Emotional moments are fleeting. Catch the energy of them and use them to boost your manifestation work as often as you can. Keeping keenly alert and aware of the emotional flares during your period of manifestation work is important in order to capture the energy and use it to benefit what you are doing.

Subsequently, negative emotions can also be channeled to support your work, however, the method is slightly different. Negative emotions are dense. They are dissonant (out of harmony) to the energies of abundance and prosperity. Negative emotions carry us away to a point where we are not aware that we have been swept away until a short time after. Once we recognize that we are in a negative emotional state, it is very important to find a quiet place to sit and focus on what we are feeling. Breathing deeply focus inward and introduce positive thoughts and affirmations to counter the negatives ones. If you are currently prone to negative emotions, have affirmations or the words/phrases to counter them already written out to be ready to use for moments like this. Carry them with you.

While you’re focused within, close your eyes and see a color the represents your feelings… red, purple, orange. It doesn’t matter. Whatever comes to mind first. Visualize this color as a wave of energy that surrounds you like an outer layer in the shape of an egg. Begin to draw the energy down into a ball the size of a baseball that is hovering right in front of your stomach. This is your negative emotion contained in an energy ball. You can either disperse it out into the heavens to be transmuted into light energy, or you can take the ball of energy and focus it into your affirmations as you read them out loud with passion drawn from the energy ball. You can also turn it into a pen shape and let it help you script (discussed later in the book) your life by overlaying it on top of your writing hand with the actual pen in it. See and feel it as strong, passionate energy going into the pen then going onto the page with the words you are writing. This is a transmutation of negative energy into a useful form..."


To read the entire discussion on this Manifestation topic, you can find it in the book, "The Art of Manifestation: Simple Energy Techniques to Create the Abundant Life You Deserve," available on Amazon Kindle, only $2.99, The art of manifesting is a creative process involving the world of energy & vibration. You can move your life forward by using simple & easily accessible techniques in the book.

Available on Amazon Kindle, only $2.99,

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