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In our facebook group upon asking what topics our members wanted to discuss, womb healing was a topic that was submitted. In answer to that request I composed several FB posts and decided to combine them here for one long post. The subject matter is dense with many layers. This post deals with only some of the dynamics of the sacred womb and womb healing.


The Womb is the source of creation. It is the black void where all manifestation of life emerges (physical & spiritual). It is the sum total of all possibilities, all potentials; it is fertility and abundance. The womb is a portal. A sacred Temple of Creation. The womb is also a symbol of the Great Mother. Women are its keepers, its High Priestess. We are born with wombs which all connect to the original womb of the Great Mother. Our womb is what makes us divinely feminine. All of existence is birthed through the womb. It is sacred, all powerful, and the seat of creativity.

Our womb is ruled by the sacral chakra. It is a place of sexuality and creativity. Our womb is a holy container. It produces the moon blood that represents both life and death. The womb is one of the greatest powers in the Universe—it is an incredible gift and honor to hold this power within our body. We need to reclaim our womb sovereignty—as this divine womb within us holds the power to birth, create, and shape multidimensional realities. As we stand at the dawn of the re-emergence of the Great Divine Mother leading us forward to birth a better more elevated world, we must do our part to reconnect with our womb. It starts with healing our own womb space.


The feminine energy has been unbalanced for thousands of years due to an overly dominating patriarchal ruling, not only in society but also in religion and spirituality. This has thrown many things out of balance. Women have become disconnected with their wombs. This part of us has been either taboo or only used for physical acts. So, at this time many women are choosing to reclaim their innate wisdom and create harmony between the masculine and feminine energy.

Having a womb is one of the fundamental things that make us women. Of course, we know that the womb is a hugely powerful place within us, where new life is conceived, grown and birthed. However, the womb is a lot more than a baby-growing space. In ancient times, when women´s spiritual practices were considered deeply sacred, the womb was also considered a sacred spiritual center, a source of intuition, emotional well-being, powerful spiritual portal and physical vitality. Actually, God was a matriarch in many parts of the ancient world. By deeply connecting to our womb we can awaken the primordial power that we are born with… Healing ourselves and our loved ones and our communities. #ReturnToAncientWisdom

The womb’s creative energy is put to use at all life’s levels. New life is born from it. Projects are created and realized, new relationships formed, new life’s decisions made. Birthing and manifestation of all kinds can be done through our cosmic womb. The womb affects the emotional, mental and spiritual health of women, helping us to become aware of the intuitive voice of our body, our inner guidance, and leading us back to Self, the integrity of the soul, body and mind. It grounds us and helps us create wholeness and healing.

The womb chakra is powerful, and much emotion can be levied if its power is harnessed. The harnessing of this energy is conducted through mantras (ancient words of power), prayers, techniques, and meditations meant to strengthen this important chakra. There are Healers who specifically focus on womb health and healing. Yoni steams, teas, herbs and other healing technologies. In box me for referrals if you’re interested in doing this type of healing. I will also post some information for Healers that I know.


The womb is a spiritual center that exists whether your womb is intact or not, whether your womb is fertile or not. Womb awakening connects you within to a deep truth and simplicity which guides you like a compass. Your womb knows what you need – she is a very wise part of you.That is way it is important to heal and awaken her and to treat her with loving care.

Womb healing means that you take steps to ensure that you energetically and physically care for your womb. Emotional ties are automatically strengthened through the womb. It is important to disentangle your energy from previous romantic relationships and any other previous relationships that were strong and deep that are no longer relevant to your life. In womb healing, discerning what is yours and what is not and letting it go is key. Healing can be achieved more effectively and completely by removing peoples’ problems, energies, and emotions that have taken up residence in your womb.There are many qualified Womb Healing Practitioners available should you feel you need assistance.


By being consciously engaging womb clearing and cleansing, vitality and sexual pleasure dramatically increase. When the womb chakra is purified and strengthened, we have the ability to transform any kind of relationship we may be engaged in – or wish to engage in. We are able to refill with our own sensual essence and vital life force energy on a regular basis. We are able to realize our dreams and desires more effectively as our cosmic creation center is clear of energy blockages.

· Ancient womb healing has been around for nearly 7000 years.

· through ancient womb healing we can be better connected to the universal divine feminine

· Ancient womb healing has been said to: help attract the right partner and soul mate; dissolve painful links to past relationships; resolve relationship difficulties between you and your spouse, parent, child, and family; and disconnect from abusive relationships. Having the power of the womb chakra on your side will help you through your relationship woes past and present. Ancient womb healing focuses on the sacral region of the body

Awakening your womb involves releasing and clearing this sacred space, which leads to more creativity, love, passion, peace and clarity. When you feel secure, trusting

of life and are comfortable in your own skin you can’t help but attract more healthy experiences.

It may be a magical process, but it’s anything but light and fluffy. Actually, it’s about becoming more comfortable with excavating in the dark with your shadow and finding the gold.


There are many things that can happen to clog up a womb energetically! Here are a few major blocks that can occur.

Women have majorly been the receivers of sexual violence, distorted and unloving sexuality, controlling and constricting spouses and lovers. This directly disconnects us from and wounds the womb.

Sexual violence and abuse, distorted and unloving sexuality, difficult childbirth, abortion, miscarriage results in Womb trauma and grief. In women all trauma, regardless of its source, comes to rest in the womb. Cleansing and clearing out these energies activates healing. There are specific healing rites and rituals that a professional Womb Healer can perform to assist in this type of healing.

Our Wombs also hold historically and collectively remembered trauma, due to the fact that each of us sits in our mother´s physical womb for 9 months, during which time we are receiving and imprinting the energy of her Womb trauma, and in turn the trauma of her

mother and grandmother

For centuries this female energy has been pushed aside and as a result all that she brings to humanity has receded from societies resulting in imbalanced patriarchy and the epidemic of toxic masculinity. But now is the time of Divine Mother and the time of sacred female energy that brings love, strength, intuition, tenderness, harmony, and cooperation


You can also start the process of healing on your own. Here is a meditation that can be used daily as often as you feel is necessary.

Make sure you are not going to be disturbed for at least 20 minutes. Sit or lay down comfortably. Begin with deep slow breathing. After a few breath and once you feel relaxed, put your hands on your womb, and as you breathe consciously, think of your womb like a cup that is literally filling with your breath. Your breath is a liquid light and as your womb receives this, it fills up and becomes luminous. You can let this liquid light overflow from the cup and fill your entire pelvic area with light. This should make you feel very grounded and peaceful.

Once you begin to connect with your womb in this way, you can start to expand the light of your luminous womb out all the way through you. The light that fills the womb and expands out from it is very warm, rich and dense, it feels very close to your physical energy. See this light filling your whole energy field. When your Womb light fills out your energy field, it’s like there is no room for anything else except your sacred energy. You are literally filling your space with your own sacred energy and saying “I AM”.

Practicing this womb connection through your breath will also make you feel naturally grounded. If you are anxious or prone to over-thinking, becoming womb-centered helps you to become calmer and literally brings you to earth. Your thoughts slow down, and you relax into your body. Your womb connects you to your parasympathetic nervous system, and so you begin to enter into a space of physical relaxation which is restorative and nourishing for you.

As you physically relax and ground, you let go of the habitual anxiety that comes from thinking too much and dealing with things from your mind. You start to discover a place of simplicity and intuition deep within your body. You start to release stored trauma.

Journal about your experience. Take a restorative healing bath. Prepare a Luke warm bath, add fresh flowers, a few drops of essential oil of either rose, lavender or any favorite scent. Add either a cup of epsom salt or sea salt. Soak and relax and visualize yourself in your favorite place in nature. Feel a sense of joy and contentment.

Take care of your emotions and your womb.

Womb Awakening is a choice to call forth your feminine self and feminine soul out of slumber.

What are the 7 Keys of Womb Awakening?

1. The womb births the collective energy of the world

Key: A woman’s womb vibration literally weaves the world into being.

2. The womb is the ‘holy grail’ of all Ancient religion and myth

Key: There is a lost feminine Womb Religion that is calling for remembrance.

3. The womb connects us to the Great Cycles of life

Key: The womb is guardian of the ancient Feminine Resurrection Mysteries.

4. The womb is the Mother of the Sacred Sexual Mysteries

Key: Awakening the womb allows sacred sexual life force to flow again.

5. The womb bridges the Masculine and Feminine into union

Key: Within the womb-memory is the vibration of primordial union.

6. The womb is the Chalice of Sacred Soulmate union

Key: The womb is the cauldron of initiation for both men and women.

7. Our womb power is the seat of the Creative Dragon Energies.

Key: Our womb power connects us to primordial creative energies.

As women continue to reclaim and heal their wombs, there will be a major shift that will impact the world over as the reclamation of the Feminine Power continues to emerge and bring balance both personally and globally.

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