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Yoruba Ifa Creation Story - Stage 3

Updated: Feb 28


We continue in our series of the Ifa Creation Story of the Yoruba Ifa cosmology with Stage 3. This takes us even further into the Super Natural Beings that were responsible for carrying out the design of the Origin of all creation.

Stages 1 & 2 can be found in the previous blog post. What is interesting about the Creation Story is that it is very detailed and covers all aspects of known creation. Every stage of creation has its origin in a Holy Odu, meaning that stage of creation was birthed or activated from the energetic essence of the odu. We continue with Stage 3 of creation.

With divine blessings,

Rev. Mignon Grayson (aka The Empress Ming)


After Olu-Iwaye successfully cooled down the universe, we move into the stage 3 where many activities for the creation of the universe occurred.

Stage 3: 1A

The first step to happen was Akamara creating another higher Irunmole by the name of Baba Asemuegun Sunwon. It was found out, that just like how the stars were too hot, they also didn't have a sense of direction. The lack of a unified coordination of these bodies made them clash and collide into one another, leading to mighty explosions. These clashes were called in Ifa, the War of the Stars

The assignment for this powerful Irunmole was to make all the bodies orbit in an anticlockwise path so they would stop running into each other and work harmoniously! As stated in odu Osa Ogunda.


Dia fun Baba-Asemuegun-Sunwon

Ti nloo yan ipa fun ibu orun ati aye ni’gba iwase

Iri tu wili tu wili

Iri tu wili tu wili

Iri tu wili-wili

Koo tu reke-reke


And also declared for Baba Asemuegun-Sunwon

When going to assign roles and order

To the vast expanse of the universe

In the dawn of creation

May the dew burst out quickly

May the dew burst out rapidly

May the dew burst out continuously

And be so vast throughout the expanse

Holy Odu Ogbe Ofun also spoke briefly about this process as well. In the Holy Odu of Ogbe Ofun, Ifa calls the stars the warriors of heaven/ the spiritual realm, and the irunmole's assignment was to make sure there was no war occurring in Heaven.


Ota Agidi

Gbongbo Agidi

Agidi gbongbo ni je laarin apata

Adifa fun Irawo saasaa

Ti nse ologun lalade orun

Kogun ma ja waa o

Irawo saasaa

Ogun o jorun


The stubborn rock

And the stubborn root

It is the stubbornness of the root that enabled it to live in the midst of rock

Ifa’s message for the Twinkling Stars

Who were the warriors of heaven

May we not be victims of war

The Twinkling Stars

There is no war in heaven

This Irunmole created planets and other smaller bodies out of these stars, and this is how how all the planets in this universe came to be. The constant cooling of the universe, the redirection of the stars, and the creation of new planets is everlasting and forever, by the word of Akamara. This is why there are so much more new discoveries each day.

Stage 3: 1b

In our own solar system with our own star, Baba Asemeugun Sunwon created 7 planets in the beginning! The Solar System, especially the Earth, was given to a female higher-level being, called Aye. This is how we commonly refer to the Earth as Aye. It was called Ile Aye, which means "the home of Aye."

In order to properly assist the solar system, Akamara created the 801 Irunmoles. The Irunmole's purpose is to properly assist, progress, develop, and bring harmony into the Solar System!

One day, Aye was very lonely on Earth so she sought out the guidance of one Irunmole, Fonrankun kan soso owu. Also known as Orunmila. Orunmila is the irunmole of wisdom, the diviner and holder of Ifa. During this time there were no tools or animals or plants on Earth, so Orunmila asked her to put her palm down on Earth. When she did, the Holy Odu of Oyeku Logbe appeared.


Fonrankun kan soso owu

Awo Aye lo dia fun Aye

Aye nbe loun nikan soso girogiro

Ebo ni won ni ko waa se


Fonrankun kan sos owu

The Awo of Aye, cast Ifa for Aye

When Aye was living a lonely life

She was advised to offer ebo

Orunmila told her that her loneliness will soon end because a more supreme being will materialize, in addition to the 801 Irunmole coming down to assist Earth. She had to perform a sacrifice to bring this down, and she did. The ebo or sacrfice was laid down in a pot for 303 days, and throughout those days a large rainbow was shooting out of the pot. On the 303rd Day a supreme and almighty being emerged.

Their name was, "Olodu-Ikoko ti ntan Osumare" meaning "the owner of the pot that brings forth the rainbow light." Olodumare for short. Whereas Akamara is the creator of all universes and existence, Olodumare is the almighty being and creator of our own universe.

Stage 3: 1c

Olodumare performed an Ifa Consultation as soon as they materialized. They placed their palm down on Earth and the Odu, Odi Irosun emerged.


Olosun idi l’omode nda

Omode kekere kii da Idin Aisun

Idin Aisun Ifa kifa

Dia fun Olodumare Agotun

Oba a t’eni ola legelege f’ori s’apeji

Ni kutukutu owuro

Ebo ni won ni ko waa se

Olorun nsunkun

Omo araye sebi ojo lo ro

Ekun omo l’Olorun nsun o


Olosun Idi is for the child

Idin Aisun is not for a child

Idin Aisun is a delicate Odu

These were the declarations of Ifa to Olodumare Agotun

He who spread the mat of honour over the sea

In the dawn of time

He was advised to offer ebo

The Heaven weeps

Human beings mistaken it for rainfall

It is the issue of childlessness that the Heavens are crying over

The Holy Odu made it clear that there will be no being as powerful as Olodumare in our solar system, and Olodumare will have authority over all them. Orunmila said that Olodumare will not be able to sleep or doze off, even for a second. Their eyes will remain open watching the world. Orunmila also said to Olodumare will be unable to have their own child. Olodumare cries tears that fall onto Earth because of this, and the tears are able to nourish the Earth so all living things can have their own children in replace of Olodumare.

Stage 3: 2a

Olodumare commanded all 801 to appear, and from there the creator divided them into 3 groups. 200 Irunmole will be seated on Olodumare's left side and 200 Irunmole on its right. The creator would leave the remaining 401 to assist by venturing back and forth from Orun (Heaven) to Aye (Earth).

When this was finished, the next assignment was actually populating and refining Earth. Olodumare sent down Ogun (the Irunmole in charge of metals, creativity, governments/structures, clearing the path) to make the world habitable. He brought Ija and Osoosi to assist him, and together they brought down many woods and sticks from Heaven to Earth. But they had nothing to eat when they started this assignment. The process went great until hunger came and without any food on Earth, they tried to eat the woods and sticks they brought--of course it didn't work because they weren't edible! They had to report back to Orun and tell Olodumare of their failure.

To try again, Obatala (the Irunmole of coolness, peace, white cloth, and the elders) was sent down to make the Earth habitable and he brought plenty of water with him. With the help of other Irunmole such as Alaaanu, Oloore, Sungbemi, Magbemiti, Losootoro, Eroko, and Larogbe they worked to try to sustain Earth. But, they later found out that water was not enough to fully sustain this great Earth--so they went back to Orun and reported to Olodumare.

Olodumare decided to send Orunmila this time to make the Earth habitable. But before he did, he went to a group of awo (priests) called the Agba dudu Orimo for Ifa consultation. During the divination, Holy Odu Eji Ogbe was revealed.


Agba dudu Orimo

Dia fun Orunmila

Baba nlo se ile aye

Nigba ijinji

Ni kutukutu owuro

Ebo ni won ko waa se

O gb’ebo o rubo


Agba Dudu Orimo

They cast Ifa for Orunmila

When going to make the earth habitable

In the very beginning

At the dawn of time

He was advised to offer ebo

He complied

The group of Priest told Orunmila everything he needed to know have a successful mission. They told him to bring seeds and food, and to also use the water and wood that Ogun and Obatala already brought. He laid the sacrifice and followed the instructions, doing so he was successful in making the planet habitable.

Because of this, Olodumare gave Ogun the name Baba Jegi-Jegi, the wood eater; Obatala the name Baba Mumimumi, the water drinker; and Orunmila Baba Jeun-Jeun, the food eater. This process still happens today! When we wake up, we chew stick or utilize brushes (Ogun), then rinse with water and bathe in water like Ogun. Then we eat, like Orunmila

Only 6 pots existed on the planet where water was located during this time. Orunmila started to cultivate the land by planting seed. The first plant to take root is a plant called Tete-Abalaya, which is the most sacred plant in the world in Ifa.

Stage 3: 2b

When the planet was ready and had water, plants, and animals and all other things to sustain life, Olodumare sent to the planet some beings called Eniyan (beings) so they could live with Aye permanently. At first, they lived in harmony and balance with Aye on the planet--but as time passed, the Eniyan became corrupt and started to destroy the planet and other planets. They abused their esoteric and spiritual powers to destroy each other, and after many choices from the Creator to change their character (which was all ignored), Olodumare decided to remove them all.

Olodumare ordered the waters that was underground to rise and drown the Eniyan. The original 6 pots of water became the six oceans of the world. With the Irunmoles that see over massive water like Olokun and Olosa, water formed more than three quarters of the surface of the world. Many of the original humans tried to save themselves by climbing to high mountains, hiding in caves, climbed into the holes of trees, etc. Not all of the humans died, and some of them still live on this planet with us to this date.

Aboru Aboye Abosise

Content courtesy of:

Interpreted and Combined By: Baba Solagbade Popoola

Narrated and Revised By: Iya Ehime Ora 

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My heart is stirred into life with these stories of the Stages of Creation.

I have always been guided to Yoruba teachings.

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