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Energy Activism for the Spiritual Worker


“We need magic not as a substitute for action, but to further our own resilience as we dream the world we want and channel our energies effectively to make it real.” -Starhawk




  1. a person who campaigns to bring about political or social change. "police arrested three activists"


  1. campaigning to bring about political or social change. "activist groups around the world are organizing solidarity events"


Not everyone who wants to take action for social and racial justice are equipped or have the drive to be in the streets protesting and raising their voices. The desire to be part of the solution is still strong. Fortunately, there are many ways to make a difference.

In lieu of demonstrating in the streets, one can call, write, or email elected officials and demand changes. Voting is another way to support much needed change. Donating time and resources to grassroots organizations is another way. If you have the financial resources to donate money to organizations whose mission lines up with the social changes that you are passionate about, is another way to be part of the solution. There are, however, people whose most effective type of action is in the realm of energy and spirit. Spiritual workers. These people feel most comfortable interacting with the spiritual realm and manipulating energetic systems on behalf of specific goals and outcomes. These people are motivated by their ability to make change happen in the spiritual realm to have that change manifest in the physical realm. This article is for those people.


Performing ritual is a way to energetically make changes and effect outcomes. Provided below is a Justice Ritual that can be undertaken to help move social justice forward.

Magic works best when it is grounded with real, practical actions in the world. So, this ritual is not meant to substitute all of those other things we can and need to do. It’s meant to strengthen us, make us more resilient and reinforce the actions we take with greater power. By focusing and concentrating our energy in ritual, we can ensure this power is directed towards ensuring the intended outcome – justice!


Here, in brief, are the elements of the ritual. You can begin it on the Summer Solstice, and let it culminate on the Fourth of July or do it anytime for one to two weeks. You will need an altar setup (area/table top, cloth, candle, crystals, etc.) -- whatever you are used to using. Some of the basic items are an opening prayer. Justice herbs (i.e. marigold, masterwork, comfrey--make sure to include John the Conquerer) and oils (rosemary oil, Mars oil, Jupiter oil, etc.), and a small plate or saucer. You will also need a white 7-day devotional candle (in the glass), the Justice card from a tarot deck or a picture of it printed. Or, if you have a statue of lady justice or any other Spirit that handles justice, you can use it.

1. Create Sacred Space & Setup Altar

Do this however it works for you, in whatever spiritual or religious tradition you embrace. Ask for protection and permission to do this magic from your Ancestors & Spirit Guides, then ground, cast a circle, and call in the four sacred elements, plus the fifth -- spirit. Alternatively you can take a moment and read an inspirational poem or play a piece of music. Whatever it is you do to connect with your Higher Self and your Spirit Guides and Ancestors, is what you do to begin this ritual.

After you've opened the ritual, hold the justice card in your hands. Look at it and feel the energy of it. Think of what the card represents. Prop up the Justice card or sit the Justice statue on the altar you've prepared.

2. Call In Your Spiritual Allies

Call in your ancestors—of birth or, if you are adopted, you also have a line into your adoptive family’s heritage. Goddesses, Gods, Orishas, angels, djinn, faeries, and other spirits who might be helpful can also be called in. Each spiritual tradition has its patron/ness of Justice. Invoke she/he for help and guidance.

3. Prepare the candle & herbs in the following way:

Bless and cleanse the 7-day candle by holding it between your hands. You can run Florida, holy water or any other Spirit water around it to remove any excess or unwanted energy. Sit it in the center of the plate. Take a small pointed knife, skewer or screwdriver and make 4 to 7 small holes in a clockwise direction. Put a few drops of each oil around the top of the candle. Swish until the oil is distribute all over the top. If you are using a taper candle, anoint it with the oils. With the candle in the middle of the small plate activate the herbs one by one. Take a large pinch of an herb between your fingers. Say its name and talk to it asking for its permission to use it and to activate its most potent energy to add to the Justice Ritual. Sprinkle the herb around the base of the candle on the plate. Repeat with the rest of the herbs. If you are using a taper candle, make sure the herbs are at least 2 inches from the candle so that when it burns down, the herbs are out of the way and cannot catch fire.

4. Identify what justice means to you. Then if it is for a particular criminal event, start to bring that into focus in your mind. Don’t worry about how the justice will be delivered. That is up to the Higher Powers.

Think about how much you care and how much you want balance and justice. Feel that burning desire and visualize a stream of fire emanating from the Spirit Realm above and behind you and/or from one or a group of Spirits who mete out justice. Let that fire build until it is ablaze in all directions. See it sent out to the unjust or criminal situation and those involved in the event (person/s, organization/group, etc.) and let the fire engulf them in order to bring forth the truth. Not to burn them. Only to surround and intensify the energy around them that will bring justice to the situation. Ring a bell 3 times to intensify the energy and seal the ritual.

Note: Dealing with warrior energy in this way can be explosive and volatile. That’s why setting up protection is important before you begin, to ensure the energy is used in a balanced way and non-destructive way and also to protect you from any excess energy.

When you feel it’s time, pull the fire back and view the offender/s as having been dealt with in the appropriate manner. Let the fire gently recede until it has shrunken to a small ember. Lingering for a moment before it goes out.

See your helping spirits surround you with cooling water energy from above, below and all around. Feel the fire for justice ease down into a comfortable and peaceful level. Allow the love of your spirit team to engulf you. Bring in cooling energies until you feel calm returning and you are back to yourself. Balancing out your energy is of ultimate importance. Never allow any of the energies you use in ritual to take you so far out that you lose sight of who you are and your intentions, or so much that it is hard for you pull away from it. Pray for peace and healing and for all involved that have suffered because of the injustice(s).

5. Ground the Energy

Touch the ground, and consciously let any remaining energy go into the earth.

6. End with a sincere statement of gratitude. Thank and release your ally Spirits.

7. Put the candle out. I prefer not to blow it. That’s how I’ve been trained. I snuff it out.

8. Repeat!

Try to do this ritual as many times as possible between Solstice and the Fourth of July or for 14 days.

Make it Your Own

If any part of this doesn’t work for you—change it into something that does. You are your own spiritual authority.


the Bible is full of verses pertaining to justice. Here is one for those who are biblically inclined.

This Biblical prayer is drawn from Job 21:17–18 which is used to “uncross” someone (remove negativity from them.) It can also be used in the Justice Ritual against the intended situation.

Job 21:17-18 New International Version (NIV)

17 “Yet how often is the lamp of the wicked snuffed out?

How often does calamity come upon them,

the fate God allots in his anger?

18 How often are they like straw before the wind,

like chaff swept away by a gale?


Source #2: Michael M. Hughes is a writer, speaker, and magical thinker.

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