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Essential oils are powerful spiritual healing instruments. Each one has its primary healing ability, as well as many secondaries. There are, however, certain essential oils that are considered sacred due to their ability to activate high vibrational resonance. Nearly all oils have some therapeutic value, only those that resonate energetically with the spirit and soul are deemed sacred.

The ancient Egyptians (Kemetians) believed that the sense of smell and the ability to intuit the effects of smells are the most important sensory abilities that we have. Why? Because they knew that the inhalation and energy absorption of oils can increase our energetic frequency by stimulating the pineal gland (which is thought to be the seat of the soul.)

There are methods by which to activate these higher vibrational oils and use them to heal yourself and others. Here are 20 oils and their main focus to start with that are listed under this category:


  1. Angelica (master teacher)

  2. Cedarwood Atlas (strength of spirit)

  3. Elemi (letting go, surrender)

  4. Fragonia (for transitions)

  5. Frankincense (aligning spirit and soul with the Divine)

  6. Galbanum (opening portals)

  7. Holy Basil (reconnecting with divine life force

  8. Marigold (vision and prophecy)

  9. Myrrh (wisdom and forgiveness)

  10. Myrtle (gatekeeper of the Sacred Threshold for summoning the Muse)

  11. Opoponax (shapeshifting and shape-borrowing)

  12. Palo Santo (protection)

  13. Patchouli (grounding)

  14. Ravensara (healing soul wounds)

  15. Rose (love and learning to love yourself and your inner child)

  16. Sandalwood (meditation and listening deeply)

  17. Silver Fir (journeying and accessing personal power

  18. Spikenard (the Consolamentum oil - a glimpse of Paradise

  19. Violet Leaf (extreme grief)

  20. Yarrow (sensitivity, fear and soul wounds)

The highest quality essential oils must be used when venturing to tap into the energies of these sacred oils.

These oils are sacred for many reasons. Mainly because they're: divine intelligences, energy and light manifested in matter, sacred tools of consciousness, have energy signatures that resonate with the human soul and spirit, can help us to project consciousness for use in healing others and to become multidimensional, can prompt visionary experiences and take us back to past lives, oracular and can show us the future, can be used as tools for mass consciousness, heal the light body and the soul.

They are believed to have originated form other dimensions, including other star systems and galaxies. They have come in service to help humankind to evolve its consciousness.

Source: "Sacred Oils," by Felicity Warner

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