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Spiritual Cleansing & Energetic Protection at the Workplace

We don’t control the energy at work. We walk into whatever is there and make it work the best way possible. If the energy is already amenable to you, then I would recommend using only two on this list (#8 & #9) as a way of maintenance. However, if you are experiencing bad energy, consider doing as much on this list as you can. People leave energy residue behind as well as project energy towards each other all the time. It is wise to clear any of the spaces that you live or work of these residual and current energies. See the list below for some of the ways in which to do this.

1. Start your day by having a protective Light meditation before you leave for work. Put up a good energy shield around yourself, first. Decide that you will be the good energy that you want around you!

2. Take something to the workplace that is emotionally uplifting to you, that reminds you of good feelings and happy moments. It can be a memento of some kind or something that represents where you find your greatest joy. It should be something that inspires you and connects you to yourself, the real person you are. You are more than your job. It does not define you.

3. When possible, have a potted plant to care for. Plants bring healing, nature energy into an environment. If a plant is not an option, put fresh flowers on your desk from time to time. They uplift and absord negative energy.

4. When possible, have a desktop water fountain and keep it running when you are at work. This is an excellent energy cleanser! If you this is not possible. Put a glass or cup or water in a corner of your workspace and charge it with the intention to capture negative energy. Throw it away down a sink, toilet or in soil daily. Do not let it just sit there unattended. You need to refresh it daily or every other day.

5. If light at work is fluorescent, add a small lamp with to your desk with an incandescent bulb. It can offset the heavy and draining energy of fluorescent lighting.

6. Place near you any item from nature: an interesting rock, a small piece of driftwood or a seashell, jar of ocean or desert sand, and even a small “meditation garden” that has sea salt mixed with sand. Salt is great for removing negativity.

7. Sea salt discreetly placed around you is a powerful absorber of negative energy. You can sprinkle a bit of it in the corners and on the floor under your desk.

8. Crystals placed decoratively on your desk will also keep the energy uplifted around you and ward off the negative energy of the job and coworkers. Black tourmaline is a strong protector. Any crystals that you feel drawn to bring to work will do. Hold them and pray your intentions into them before placing them at your workspace. Clean them periodically with sea salt & water mixture. A suggested list of crystal is: clear quartz, amethyst, rose quartz, pyrite, and shungite.

9. Spiritual Waters: You can also sprinkle spiritual waters around your desk and work area. Florida and Kananga waters are well-known to remove negativity and uplift the energy. They both have a pleasing aroma too. Sprinkle weekly or as needed. Keep a small bottle in the desk drawer or your bag.

10. For those of biblical devotion, Psalm 91 is good to either recite in your workspace or have written out and placed under a desk mat or keyboard or any other place you feel is appropriate.

If your job stresses you and leaves you feeling heavy, on your way home, say affirmations to release the job and clear the way for life outside of the job. Leave the job at the job as much as you can.

Remember, as a divine being your intentions are very powerful. Using them alone is all that is needed. These tools are just extensions of your intentions in physical form. You have a right to feel at ease where you go. Know it and claim it.

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