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The Journey

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Embarking on a path of spirituality is born from an awareness that there is a greater more expansive aspect of existence that is beyond what we see in average everyday life. In our yearning to know more and understand life we begin to observe, ponder and question. Whether we were raised in a religious environment or not, there is an inner stirring that encourages us to become a student of life. This is what we call “The Journey.”

The Journey can start either very early or late in life. It all depends on you. Whenever you are ready or whenever circumstances ripen your choice to become aware enough that something more needs to happen. Some had a calling. Others had a crisis. We each started our spiritual journey in different ways.

All of us have a destiny with many ways to go about accomplishing it. Our destinies are as unique as we are, but also intertwined. Individual, connected and interdependent. All of life on this planet has a journey, a destiny -- whether human, plant, animal, mineral, or cosmos. As creations of the Divine forged from the same root primordial material, we are all related. We are here to experience and express the various aspects of the Divine in our own unique way. Sometimes it is beautiful and sometimes it is downright ugly. Sometimes it’s joyful and sometimes it's sorrowful. Sometimes it’s magnanimous and other times, constrictive. The interplay of dualities gives rise to the various textures of life that are our stage/platform/playground. At some point the realization that we are divine beings experiencing life and that none of this is permanent or who we truly are, is the point where we become free.

The point of The Journey is the realization of the True Self and as a result, freedom from pain and suffering. True sustained and authentic happiness can emerge from this realization.

The Journey can be filled with many interesting endeavors and discoveries. The Journey can ultimately be soul-satisfying. The Journey is a deeply intimate path between you and your Higher Self. Whatever way you foresee your journey unfolding is the way you will be supported and guided by all of your celestial helpers, planetary allies, spiritual tribe and emissaries of the Divine.

You are a vast spirit created by the Divine. Housed in a physical body to experience this physical realm. You are much more than your physical body. Actually, only a portion of your essence is animating your physical body. The rest remains connected to the non-physical Universal Life & Universal Spirit. Awakening to all of who you truly are is a great task, but one in which you are fully equipped to do.

The Journey begins with self-discovery. You are at the center of your personal path--your personal universe. Your personal universe interconnects with the personal universes around you and those that you come in contact. It also ripples out into the energetic fields of the planet and cosmos allowing for messages to travel along the threads of connections. When we awaken our spiritual senses, the ability to perceive and receive necessary information and inspiration from every aspect of created life in order to help us grow becomes visceral.

Discover your journey. Embrace The Journey.

Divine blessings,

Rev. Mignon, (aka The Empressming)

Watch this YouTube video to help assist in starting your spiritual path.

This YouTube video is a guided meditation to help connect with your Higher Self.

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